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This week, we're sharing a double batch of people looking to connect with fellow Jews around the world.

When we started Hey Alma classifieds back in 2021, our goal was simple: help our readers emerge from the loneliness of COVID lockdown to find *your* people. Over the years, we’ve delighted in all the success stories, whether an ad has brought people together for a Shabbat dinner, a DIY minyan or an engagement. (Yes, there are couples who have gotten engaged thanks to Hey Alma classifieds!!!) But now, it feels like we’ve reached a full circle moment.

With the ongoing crisis in Israel and Gaza, fear of rising antisemitism and Islamophobia, political divides in the Jewish community and everything else that’s going on in the world, times are maybe even more lonely and alienating than when we started this project. But here’s the thing: you are not alone. 

Hey Alma classifieds has got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for more Jewish friends and penpals, a Nice Jewish Partner or something else, submitting a Hey Alma classified is an easy way to find new connections. (Click here to submit your own.) But before you do, check out our classified ads for this week! All 18 ads (yes, we’re gifting you with a double batch) seek Jewish community in some way and from all corners of the globe.

Reply to a classified posted on October 25, 2023:

CANADIAN SEPHARDIC IN MADRID (31F) looking to connect with my community during these tense and isolating times! Happy to make some Adafina and chill. Reply here.

LOOKING FOR FRIENDS AFTER MOVING TO FAIRFAX, VA FOR GRAD SCHOOL (she/they/22). Extremely Reform and just looking for people to have a low key Shabbat / watch the Prince of Egypt with. I love cats, writing and those little fairy choose your own adventure TikToks. Reply here.

STUDENT FROM BREMEN, GERMANY (24f). as a jew in germany (half of my family is from here/half is from israel), i found it hard to find other jews to connect to! (also people that feel similar right now.) would love a penpal but also open to meet in person!! <3 Reply here.

25 Y/O ANTI-ZIONIST NJENBY IN INDIANAPOLIS LOOKING FOR COMPANY AT SHABBOS DINNERS! Come over for challah, wine and a good time as we reflect on the week that passed and ease into rest 💛 Reply here.

PASSIONATE LEFTIE ZIONIST (20s/London) looking for people to have cute shabbat dinners with, bake delicious treats (challah? apple pie? croissants?) and explore museums together! All ages and genders are welcome. Let’s celebrate culture, heritage and life’s beautiful moments. 🕊🕯🧁✨ Reply here.

AMERICAN WOMAN IN PARIS (30s) looking for friends or more to share meals and holidays, Shabbats, bake challah, cycling, nature walks and other escapes from the city. Reply here.

JEWISH SAHM IN CENTRAL TX SEEKING FRIENDSHIP, LONG-DISTANCE OR IN-PERSON (mid-30s). I love art & music, family, iced coffee and highlander romance novels. Need a human distraction from doom-scrolling and would love someone to play mah-jong with. Reply here.

LOOKING FOR JEWISH BUDS IN WESTERN WASHINGTON (36/non-binary/Olympia). I’m in need of Jewish community, open to any form of connection from just IG friends to finding my beshert! I’m into music, art, walks, good food, movies, learning and new experiences. Let’s hang out! Reply here.

JUST YOUR EVERYDAY MONTREAL JEWISH BOY LIVING IN OTTAWA (28). Looking for a community to share Jewish joy, get up to fun shenanigans, question if Kettlemans makes the best bagels in town and find support during the unprecedented times we are living in. Reply here.

MAINE JEW (20F) hosting a Shabbat dinner in Central Maine in an effort to center community during these times. Reply here.

YOUR FAVORITE JEWITCH (25F). Book-loving, coffee-shop-going college student (located in Davis) looking for friends/pen pals. Have always wanted to have friends all around the states/world so would love to connect! Would be nice to have friends to do Shabbat dinner with! Reply here.

DC TRANSPLANT SEEKS NICE JEWISH FRIENDS IN THE BAY (34/F). Secular Jew in the East Bay ISO Jewish pals! Let’s chat about our favorite comedy podcasts, go for a hike and find the best bagels in the area. Other interests include baking, Bravo and being a general goof. Reply here.

JEWISH WOMAN IN NOLA LOOKING FOR HEBREW LESSONS (31). I’ve been wanting to improve my Hebrew and had a dear Israeli friend teaching me but he sadly moved away this past year. I want to feel more connected to my Judaism by building my confidence in my Hebrew. I’m open to any in-person or online lessons. Reply here.

MILLENNIAL JEW-ISH MOM IN WILMINGTON, NC (34) seeking fellow yenta to have fancy coffee/dinner dates with or just veg out on my couch together and complain. Reply here.

SINGLE, 40-SOMETHING WOMAN LOOKING FOR FRIENDSHIP. I’m a writer, editor, communications pro. I live in Reno, Nevada. I love to read, do embroidery and spend time with my family. Reply here.

NJG ISOLATED IN THE SOUTH WANTING TO CONNECT WITH THE TRIBE (27F). Essentially 2hrs from Charlotte or Atlanta aka the middle of nowhere. Avid reader, baker, hiker and animal lover. Conservadox. Leftist. Oh and PBS documentary watcher. Reply here.

EAST LONDON NJG (30F). If you’re also feeling depleted and isolated by recent events (and subsequent instagram repost trends, iykyk), hit me up so we can arrange some wholesome Jewish activities together! Now more than ever am I looking for Jewish friends in London and yearning for community. Reply here.

JEWISH INDIE FILMMAKER (she/her, 27) seeking like-minded creatives to make artsy and Jewish projects with. Located in San Antonio, TX but down to meetup in surrounding cities. Reply here.

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