How to Make Your Adult Snow Day as Fun as Your Childhood Ones

When you were a kid, snow days were obviously the best days because of one very important reason: NO SCHOOL. You got to watch movies, make snow angels, and bother the crap out of your parents or babysitters. But now that we are “adults” and the internet has made it possible for most of us to work from home, snow days are decidedly less awesome. Don’t get me wrong: I’m writing this from the comfort of my own apartment and, more importantly, pajamas, while wrapped in a blanket listening to Neil Young, so they’re not all bad. But the addition of adult responsibilities like having to work and make your own food can take a little of the snow day joy away.

BUT FEAR NOT! We’ve figured out some ways to make your lame adult snow days more like the epic kid ones. Try one or all, have fun, and stay warm:

1. Make a fort.

fort gif

Let’s get one thing straight: Forts are not just for kids. You own your own furniture now and you can do whatever you damn well please with it. So set up the couch cushions, pile all your blankets onto the floor, and create the coziest work space of your dreams. If you have friends who live nearby and can convince them to trek over, forts are especially enjoyable with company. Also if you’re one of those people who still have your favorite childhood stuffed animal (like, say, an Elmo doll that’s missing a leg and most of its fur because you were an anxious child who picked it all off FOR A TOTAL ARBITRARY AND NOT PERSONAL EXAMPLE), now’s the time to bring it out and cuddle away. No judgement.

2. Eat like a kid.

michelle tanner spaghetti

Yes, you need to make your own food these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fall back on your childhood favorites. Ain’t no shame in SpaghettiOs, or, if you’re feeling a little more ambitious, Adult SpaghettiOs!!! This day also calls for grilled cheese and tomato soup, macaroni and cheese (with cut-up hot dogs if you really wanna go for it), or just straight up cheese of any form. Now is not the time to feel bad about what you eat or how much you eat, so long as you don’t throw up (a general rule of thumb). If you don’t have any food in the house because you are a poor planner and grocery shopping is actually the worst, order some delivery (preferably something cheese and carb-laden); just don’t forget to be a mensch and tip the delivery person extra.

3. Go on, play in the snow.

snow woman

When trying to think of what the adult version of playing in the snow would be, we came to a very important conclusion: It’s playing in the snow. Because who cares? You’re an adult, you do you, and what better way to take a break from work than bundling up and going outside to play? We recommend switching things up by making a snowWOMAN, complete with a pink pussy hat and snow-boobs. Put her in a pantsuit, make her run for office, go wild.

4. Adult hot cocoa.

As a kid, my favorite thing about playing in the snow was coming back inside to find my mom had whipped up some hot chocolate. These days, my favorite thing about hot chocolate is how well it mixes with booze. I’m especially fond of hot chocolate and Bailey’s; Kahlua, Peppermint Schnapps, Rumchata, and red wine also make a fine addition. If you’re all “I need to work, I can’t drink!” about it, might I suggest adding hot chocolate to your coffee for a little fun mocha action? Also, and this is important: Add as many marshmallows as can physically fit into the mug. ALL. THE. MALLOWS.

5. Actually go to work

office jello prank

Nobody else is going to work? That’s the perfect time to enjoy the quiet of an empty office while channeling your inner Jim Halpert and preparing some pranks for your coworkers’ return. Put their desk items in Jell-O, wrap their entire desks in wrapping paper, or just leave cute, funny notes in their notebooks for them to find in the coming days. Just don’t do anything that will get you fired, okay?

Time for me to go eat some spaghetti in my fort. Happy adult snow day!!!

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