Jewy Valentine’s Day Cards For Everyone in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And while tagging someone in an Instagram is romantic (if you’re into public displays of affection), the cards I get from my grandmas every year are the highlights of my Valentine’s Day.

In honor of my grandmas and bubbes everywhere, here are the Jewiest cards to send to the loved ones in your life (romantic or not).

1. For the person who you’re not sure you’re officially dating yet: Challah at me (etsy, $4.50)

challah at me

2. For your best friend/partner/anyone tbh: Drake (etsy, $5.87)


3. For the Abbi to your Ilana (or Ilana to your Abbi): “You’re my frond to the ond! (Broad City) (etsy, $4.84)

broad city

4. For your friend who loves being single: Larry David (etsy, $4.39)

Larry David

5. And for your friend who hates being single and needs some love: another Larry David card (etsy, $5.00)


6. For a younger sibling/niece/nephew/cousin (this doubles as a belated Hanukkah card for you procrastinators): I Love You A Latke (etsy, $4.00)


7. For the pop culture obsessed person in your life who would immediately understand a Seinfeld reference: I’d spare a square for you (etsy, $4.49)

spare a square

8. For your parents if your family is the type of family that gets cards from their dog (you know who you are): dog valentine’s day card (etsy, $3.75)


9. For the person who just loves Jeff Goldblum: Jeff Goldblum (etsy, $4)

jeff goldblum

10. For your grandparents or any other people you associate with baking delicious bread: sending you challah my love (etsy, $5)

Challah my love

11. For your friend who works at a Jewish organization: you’re so jewy but like in a good way ($4, etsy)

so jewy

12. For that person you haven’t talked to in a while, but now is the time you feel like reaching out: Shalom Sheep (etsy, $4.50)

shalom sheep

13. For your foodie friend: rainbow bagel (etsy, $3.50)

rainbow bagel

14. For someone you find very attractive: that tuchis though (etsy, $4)


15. Okay, maybe one for your partner…. You’re My Everything (Bagel) (Etsy, $6)


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