Kat Graham Celebrates Jewish American Heritage Month on ‘Sesame Street’

We need that matzah ball soup recipe, Kat!

May is Jewish American Heritage Month and we’re getting so many lovely Jewish treats.

Yesterday, Hey Alma got to visit the White House to celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month with some amazing stars, including Ben Platt and Micaela Diamond. Today, we’re taking a trip to another American institution: Sesame Street, where Hebrew school grad and all around superstar Kat Graham recently stopped by.

In the exclusive clip debuting on Hey Alma, the actress and singer, who gave us the ear worm that is “Black and Jewish,” got together with “Sesame Street” resident Abby Cadabby to share what she loves most about being Jewish.

“As a proud Jewish American I am so excited to celebrate my community and heritage this month and every month,” Graham, who wore a gorgeous yellow dress and a prominent Star of David necklace for the occasion, tells the camera, before whispering her favorite Jewish tradition in the pink puppet’s ear.

“What? You know how to make matzah ball soup?!” Abby exclaims.

“I mean, now everyone is going to ask me to make them some!” Graham rightfully asserts.

When Abby asks her how she learned to make the ultimate Ashkenazi Jewish comfort food, Graham shares that “my grandma taught me, when I was your age.” Graham recently shared an adorable photo with her Jewish grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, along with a beautiful message about being Black and Jewish on Instagram.

“That’s what I love about family, those kind of traditions that make you feel hugged,” Abby replies, perfectly summing up what eating matzah ball soup feels like. Graham finishes up by wishing us all a happy Jewish American Heritage Month and sending all the love, and then Abby rushes her off to have some soup. It’s the sweetest.

“Sesame Street” has a long, long history of celebrating being Jewish, and featuring incredible Jewish starsso many of us have sweet “Shalom Sesame” memories — and this delightful clip continues that tradition.

Thanks for helping us share the Jewish pride, “Sesame Street” and Kat. Can you tell us how to make, how to make your matzah ball soup?

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