Lauren Miller Rogen Shares Moving Tribute to Her Late Jewish Mom

"She taught me how to paint my nails and how to make matzo balls."

Lauren Miller Rogen, Seth Rogen’s wife, is a Jewish gem. Beautiful on the outside, the multi-faceted actress, screenwriter, and director is a supportive wife, a charitable mensch, and she publicly, and proudly, fights for what she believes in. To top it off, she makes her own matzah balls and hosts enormous Passover seders. 

And she got it all from her mama. 

On Wednesday night, Miller Rogen shared a deeply moving Instagram post honoring her mother, Adele Miller, who passed away on February 1 from early onset Alzheimer’s

“She taught me everything I need to live a life during which I will honor the smart, loving, kind and extraordinary person she was,” Miller Rogen wrote. “She was my teacher, and my mother.” 

Miller, whose parents both died from Alzheimer’s, was diagnosed with EOA at 55, when her daughter was just 25. Four years later, newly married Miller Rogen and her husband launched Hilarity for Charity, a non-profit dedicated to raising money for Alzheimer’s research through, of course, comedy. Since 2012, the Jewish power couple have raised over $11 million. 

Through the charity, Miller Rogen clearly illustrated how her mother “taught me to use my voice and my actions for good” and “how to care about my family, and how important it is to show up for family.” 

In the beautiful Instagram tribute, she wrote: “She taught me how to paint my nails and how to make matzo balls. She taught me how good it feels to make a list and cross things off of said list. She taught me how to make corny jokes. She taught me how to have enormous thanksgiving dinners and Passover seders full of family and friends who feel like family.” 

Through the solo and family shots Miller Rogen shared on social media, you can feel the exuberant and empowering impact her mother had on those close to her. 

“She taught me how to be a strong woman who fights for what she believes in. She taught me to knock on doors for what I feel is important. And to tell Republicans that they have no right to tell me what to do with my body,” the 37-year-old actress wrote. 

Through her marriage, Miller showed Miller Rogen how to be a feminist and a partner without compromising her independence. 

“She taught me to recognize a good man when I met one. She taught me how to be a wife who loves her husband fiercely, but still maintains her own identity.” 

The hole Miller leaves behind among her friends and family is gaping, but Miller Rogen will be okay. 

“She taught me that I WILL survive losing her,” she said. May her memory be a blessing.

Image via Lauren Miller Rogen’s Instagram

Arielle Kaplan

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