Meet The Former Yeshiva Girl Behind Your New Favorite Sleepwear Line

As a fellow former Yeshiva Girl, I’ve been following Talia Eve religiously. Her super-cute Evewear IG, featuring her line of “sustainable sleepwear,” is made from the stuff of my feistiest inner-little-girl fantasies, and shines with equal parts chutzpah and California dreams. Talia is a 28-year-old designer based in LA, with a passion for earth-friendly fashion that she’s been developing ever since her childhood days in NYC. After impressive stints with high end designers in the Big Apple, she headed west to strike out on her own and build the brand of your baby pink dreams. I chatted with Talia about the inspiration for her sleepwear line, how her Jewish schooling affected her style, and what Zoe Kravitz should be wearing to bed.

Let’s talk PJs! Why sleepwear?

I wanted to make something that people wear all of the time, and didn’t just buy with their hard earned money to put in their closets and wait to be brought back into rotation. I was trying to figure out: What do women wear more than anything else? When are women in their most confident and comfortable state? Enter sleepwear!

Most of the pieces are day-to-night, right?

All of the pieces are day-to-night, night-to-day. I wear all of them, all of the time.

When did this concept come into play?

When I started formulating my ideas of what I wanted Evewear to be, I was thinking of the modern woman. Women’s roles in society are changing; you can still have a career, but you don’t have to wear a suit. The work environment has become more casual. Also, I live in LA now, and things are more laid back here. Most people I know have jobs that are flexible, so I wanted to make something that people can go to sleep in, wake up in, wear to a meeting, go home wearing, and go back to sleep in.

It’s also a genius walk of shame outfit.

100 percent.

Your Instagram stories show how connected you are to the Evewear community. What do you hear from Evewear-wearers? What makes you most proud?

Women who wear Everwear love that they can be comfortable, but also cute. So much feedback that I’ve gotten is: I feel so much more confident, if I’m with my partner, or even when I’m alone. I’m also really proud that we’re a very diverse community, and we use all different types of people with different sizes.

Okay, so I love the whole Evewear aesthetic. The colors and fun fabrics especially: the hearts, the cherries, the gingham. Also, the versatility, from jumpsuits to tutus. How did you cultivate your vibe?

I’ve been compiling images since I was young and would make these really extensive collages on Word. Then I went to Parsons and these developed into moodboards. Even then, I always had this consistent vibe. I also had a finsta where I would post inspiration images, that were all kind of in that Evewear aesthetic color world. So when Evewear launched I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like because I had been curating images like that for years. I saw this quote once that said: “My soul is baby pink.” It really spoke to me.

How does Evewear compare to your personal sense of style?

I’m just more tomboyish in real life. Like right now, I’m wearing a long sleeve vintage graphic t-shirt and non-fitted vintage cropped Polo Jeans and Adidas basketball sneakers — but inside, I’m Evewear aesthetic.

I love that idea, that you can have an inner and outer style. Did you grow up a tomboy?

Yes. I come from a family of all boys, most of my cousins are boys, and I’ve been playing sports before I could walk. Also, growing up in the religious world, I’m yeshiva born and bred, even my basketball uniform had to be below the knees.

Let’s talk about your Jewish schooling.

I went to JKHA (Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy) for elementary school, Frisch for high school, and then Michlelet Esther in Israel for the year.

Did having a strict dress code affect you or your sense of style?

Yes, for sure. Having a dress code definitely helped grow my self esteem. But also in terms of what I like to wear, I’m not as comfortable in short shorts and cropped tops as I am in jeans and t-shirts.

Do you think modesty made you more creative?

Oh, for sure. I definitely had to be more creative. I would add ruffles to the bottom of my skirts so they would be long enough for the dress code. Or I would take sweatpants and cut them up and sew them into a long skirt.

How would you describe yourself, religiously? What’s your current state of Jewishness?

I’m very Zionist. I get that from my dad. I make sure I go to Israel at least once a year, and my spirituality comes from spending so much time there when I was young. The “Yeshiva World” also engrained a lot of things in me that shaped my outlook on life, whether or not I go to shul every Shabbos.

What’s your favorite part of Israel?

Jerusalem. Specifically walking around the streets in the neighborhood of Baka. That’s where my fiancé asked me to marry him. I hate that word, fiancé.


It just doesn’t go with me or us. He’s just my best friend. He’s Josh.

He also happens to be Interscope repped artist, Yoshi Flower. It seems like Evewear and the music scene are intertwined. I’ve seen several artists on your IG. Was that a natural connection because of your man?

My life is so intertwined with him, and we live in LA. If you’re living on the Eastside and you’re into something creative, like fashion, there’s a good chance a lot of your friends will be musicians.

One thing that sets Evewear apart is its mensch-y mission. Your sleepwear is sustainable. When did environmentalism become a part of your vision?

So my grandmother, Dorothy Shapiro, was one of the people who started the first recycling center in the state of New York. My dad works in waste and energy. It was always a thread in my life, being aware of our input in the environment and the world, and how important it is to make sure that input is positive. We can’t just ignore it because our futures depend on how we treat the earth.

You just celebrated your one year anniversary. What’s next for Evewar?

We wanted to do something special for Earth Day, so we launched new pieces and volunteered with One Tree Planted. The Lover and The Goddess are our new designs. Every Earth Day set comes with a cute Evewear pin with the earth in the shape of a heart to show that we’re always aware of our impact on the environment.

Amazing. Down for a speed round? Jewish Edition?


Jewish style icon?

Queen Esther. I love her confidence, how she stole the heart of the king and saved our people.

Jewish celebrity you’d most like to see in Evewear?

Zoë Kravitz.

Which Everwear design would you style her in?

The Free Spirit, for sure.

Team Hamsa or Team Jewish Star?

Star. I have different ones that I wear sometimes, but maybe I should say hamsa because Josh has a hamsa tattoo.

Let’s break down your bat mitzvah dress. What did you wear on the day you officially became a woman?

Ooh, I designed my dress. It was my first design. It was baby pink with pearls all over it, and the back was lace up with ribbons. The front was gathered opened with flowers and tulle, and of course had ruched shoulder caps, like everything I design!

Dare to share?

talia eve bat mitzvah dress

Move over, Queen Esther! Fave Jewish phrase or saying?

Baruch Hashem — all day every day.

This interview has been edited and condensed. 

JM Farkas

JM Farkas is the author of "Be Brave: An Unlikely Manual for Erasing Heartbreak," an erasure of "Beowulf" via blackout poetry. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, and her poetry is in literary magazines such as "Boxcar Poetry Review" and "Forklift, Ohio." Her next book, "How to Be a Poet," an erasure of Ovid, will be released by Andrews McMeel in 2019.

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