11 Pieces of Jewish Star Jewelry to Rock in the Face of Neo-Nazis

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been noticing something of a trend lately: Jewish stars popping up around people’s necks, dangling from their ears, and hugging their fingers. From Jack Antonoff rocking a big ole Jewish star necklace at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards to the woman standing next to me on the subway this morning with pretty little Jewish stars studding her ears, it seems that more and more people are embracing their Jewish identity by literally wearing it on their bodies.

While I can’t speak for everyone, I’m guessing a lot of people have been breaking out the Jewish stars as a direct response to the rise of neo-Nazism and anti-Semitic events in the US. We know that’s at least the case with Antonoff, according to his girlfriend, Lena Dunham:

Wearing something that openly proclaims you’re Jewish is an easy way to make the statement that your identity is important to you and that you’re not afraid of the people marching through our streets, worried about us “replacing” them (gag). A simple necklace can shout loudly: We are here, and we’re not going anywhere.

I haven’t gotten any new Jewish star jewelry since my bat mitzvah, and while some fashion items from 1999 have made their way back to the popular table (looking at you, chokers), I thought it might be nice to update my cache of Jewy jewels. Here are 11 necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings I found that I think are pretty darn cute. Bonus: Most of these are mad cheap. Happy shopping!


Rose Gold Plated Pendant (Amazon, $12.99)

rose gold jewish star necklace

Simple, tasteful, and ever trendy in rose gold.

Jewish Star with Hamsa Gold Necklace (Amazon, $15.99)

jewish star hamsa necklace

Get two Jewish symbols for the price of one with this Jewish star and hamsa double whammy.

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Star of David Necklace (Etsy, $28.00)

itsy bitsy star of david necklace

It’s a scientific fact that teeny tiny things are just the best. Squeeee!

Sideways Gold Jewish Star Necklace (Etsy, $34.00)

sideways jewish star necklace

For the Jewish gal that’s a little bit left of center.

Etched Star of David Pattern Necklace (Jewish Museum Shop, $250)

jewish star pattern necklace

For the big spenders among us, this is a unique take on the Jewish star, and quite lovely.


Rose Gold Jewish Star Little Finger Ring (Amazon, $9.21)

jewish star rose gold ring

Give your pinky some love with this dainty find.

Gold Star of David Ring (Etsy, $31.20)

gold star of david ring

I love how this one hugs your finger. Awww.


Star of David Bracelet with Diamond Bezel (Amazon, $115.00)

star of david bracelet

This delicate bracelet has a simple Jewish star and a single diamond “beauty mark.”

Star of David Bracelet with Brown Wax Cord (Amazon, $10.00)

star of david bracelet

This bracelet is listed as for men and boys, though I don’t see why any human couldn’t wear this cute, handmade charm.



Silver Jewish Star Studs (Amazon, $15.60)

jewish star stud earrings

Simple and sweet. Tell me about it, stud.

Jewish Star Thread Earrings (Etsy, $13.50)

jewish star thread earrings

Let it all hang out with these threaders.

Main image via Instagram/Lena Dunham


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