Meet the Yentas

An excerpt from "Cheeky: A Head-to-Toe Memoir" by Ariella Elovic.

Illustrator Ariella Elovic found a space talking about her body on The Cheeky Blog (also on Instagram @thecheekyblog). And now, her blog is in book form in this hilarious and heartfelt graphic memoir. Ariella takes us through her relationship with all parts of her body — from her hair down to her feet. Supported by a group of camp friends (“The Yentas”) as well as her sisters, mom, and grandma, Cheeky: A Head-to-Toe Memoir is a tale of empowerment and loving your body, a total antidote to body shame.

Meet the Yentas in this excerpt, and read our conversation with Ariella here. (“The Yentas, as a group, gave me space to accept being gross and accept being me,” she tells Alma.)


cheeky Ariella Elovic

cheeky Ariella Elovic cheeky Ariella Elovic

All images courtesy Ariella Elovic/Bloomsbury.

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