Rachel Bloom Is Annoyed With Jewish Journalists (For Good Reason)

Rachel Bloom, light of our life, our sun and our stars, has a bone to pick with Jewish journalists. (Not us, hopefully. We would do anything to meet or talk to Rachel Bloom. She does follow us on Instagram after all… 😉)

In a series of tweets Tuesday afternoon, the star and creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, who’s been doing press for her new movie, Most Likely to Murder, tweeted about how often Jewish journalists ask about her plans to have children.


It’s not even the question itself that makes Rachel the most uncomfortable, but the assumption that they have a right to ask because they’re Jewish, too. She went on to tweet, “It’s the way they ask it. They don’t preface with, ‘This is a really personal question, but…’ or ‘No pressure to answer, but…’ They just casually ask as if they are my grandparent who’s running out of time on this earth.”

Rachel Bloom

Though we might add, the question itself is pretty obnoxious. Plenty of people — yes, even Jewish women — don’t want kids, and those who do may be dealing with infertility or any number of other reasons why they aren’t pregnant right. now.

the situation's a lot more nuanced than that

Bloom finished off the Twitter thread with, “Mine and my husband’s own PARENTS don’t even ask us this question. They just stare at us longingly with a twinge of existential sadness like POLITE PEOPLE.”

In conclusion, stop being nosy, Jewish journalists! It’s none of your business!

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