Ruth Bader Ginsburg Loves That Armie Hammer Plays Her Husband in New Film

In On the Basis of Sex, Armie Hammer plays Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s beloved husband Marty. Armie Hammer is an actor who is a 6’5″, blonde, blue-eyed grandson of an oil tycoon. Marty Ginsburg is, well, Marty Ginsburg. The love of Ruth’s life!!!

Here’s a visual comparison for you:

Armie Hammer Marty Ginsburg

Let’s just make this clear up front: Armie Hammer is Jewish. “I’m half Jewish, but no one believes me because my looks lean a little WASP-y,” Hammer told W Magazine. “It’s sometimes hard for me to get the roles I’m drawn to.”

While some were up in arms about casting Felicity Jones as RBG in the film, many are applauding the decision to cast Armie as Marty, including one very important fan: Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In an interview, the film’s writer — and Ruth’s nephew! – Daniel Stiepleman explained to Alma, “She’s so happy with the casting.” Stiepleman went on to explain, “I think part of the joy of the film” for Ruth is that “she gets Marty back for a couple hours. Because Armie is so good in that role.” She’s already seen it three times.

Journalist Olivia Rudgard tweeted, “I’m at a screening of the new Ruth Bader Ginsburg movie & Felicity Jones just said RBG ‘couldn’t take her eyes off’ Armie Hammer (who plays her husband Marty) the first time they met.”

As The Washington Post reports in an article titled “That time Ruth Bader Ginsburg checked out Armie Hammer,” we learn, “Jones said that it seemed that Hammer reminded Ginsburg of her beloved husband.” Thank you for that hard-hitting journalism, Washington Post!

In the film, there’s a sex scene between Ruth and Marty. (Sorry, not really a spoiler. It’s a biopic! It’s all based on real life! They had sex!) At a screening for the film, Ruth was asked about her response to these scenes. Her response? “Marty would have loved it.”

Armie Hammer

The film focuses on the first case of sex discrimination that Ruth won. It was a case that Marty actually brought to her — and that they litigated together. (Mortitz v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, in case you were wondering.) Marty, a tax lawyer, and Ruth, a gender equality lawyer, were the perfect team. On The Basis of Sex goes to great lengths to demonstrate their healthy partnership and how supportive Marty was of his wife’s career. Written by Ruth’s nephew Daniel Stiepelman, the film focuses on this pivotal moment in their lives.

And now everyone is focusing on Armie as Marty:

Ruth must be very, very proud. And happy with the casting of Armie. Because, well, same.

Ya did well, Armie Hammer.

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