‘Schitt’s Creek’ Costumes Are Winning Halloween 2019

Based on a highly unscientific study that is my personal Instagram and Twitter feeds, Schitt’s Creek has become the go-to pop culture costume for Halloween 2019. Season 5, which just arrived on Netflix, proves once again that Schitt’s Creek is honestly one of the best shows on television right now. While season 6, which premieres in January, will be its last, the impact of the Rose family will live on.

Especially in Halloween costumes. Dan Levy, who co-created the show with his dad, Eugene, has already been tagged in literally hundreds of costumes.

And fear not: If you’re still looking for something to don on Halloween itself, many of these are pretty easy to put together. Let’s break them down, shall we?


What you needblack and white clothing, heavy eyebrows, those iconic sunglasses. A grimace. Looking like a disgruntled pelican. Black Converse sneakers.

Some great examples:



A key to the success of the David costume is this black sweater with white lightning bolts. Immediately recognizable:


You could also go for David in his baseball uniform:


What you need: a wig (or two), layered necklaces, red lipstick, black and white clothing. An attitude that you are better than everyone else around you. And an indistinguishable accent.



Many people went for this one specific outfit:


Bonus: Moira with feathers:


This is a whole GROUP of Moiras:


Genuinely thought this was Catherine O’Hara for a hot sec:

Moira as Dr. Clara ‘Beatrice’ Mandrake from ‘The Crows Have Eyes III’

An important subset of the Moira halloween costumes: Moira from The Crows Have Eyes III.

What you need: a lab coat, black feathers, heavy eye makeup, a black dot on your nose, a crazed look in your eyes.




There are less stand-alone Alexis costumes (more Alexis and David together, as you’ll see below), but the few I saw really delivered.

What you’ll need: floppy hat or headband, velvet dress, high boots.


David and Alexis

The key to taking photos as Alexis is holding your hands in a T-rex style.


David and Patrick

Most commonly spotted in their baseball uniforms, because duh.

David and Moira

Very important, BABY DAVID AND MOIRA:

And some adults, too.

Johnny and Moira:

The whole Rose fam

Especially when kids are involved, this is a winner:



All the characters

Kudos to those who pulled off group costumes. I salute your planning skills.


Happy Schitt’s Creek Halloween!

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