These Jewish-y Halloween Costumes are Everything

Ah, Halloween. The one* time of year when it’s acceptable to leave your apartment in a full-blown costume, carve shapes into large squashes, and eat candy for dinner (just me?). This past weekend social media was abuzz with some very creative costumes, and I couldn’t help notice that plenty had a Jewish-y theme. Let’s take a walk down costume lane, shall we?

1. Ruth Vader Ginsburg: Because even our favorite Jewish supreme court justice has a dark side.

2. All the Broad Cities: Taking on the dynamic duo (and their friends) was a popular trend this year.

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3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Rachel Bloom shared her favorite odes to one of the Jewiest shows on TV.

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4. Wonder Woman: Now that Gal Godot plays Wonder Woman, we can officially claim her as Jewish.

5. Bagel and Lox: Bae-gols.

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6. Drake: Hotline bling. Get it??

7. Jared & Ivanka: Barack Obama’s former speechwriter, Jon Favreau, took on Jared Kushner’s epic “war zone” look, while his wife played the part of handcuffed Ivanka.

8. Fran Fine: Everyone’s favorite Jewish nanny/style icon.

9. Grace Adler & Karen Walker: Will & Grace is back, and in drag.

*Except we Jews also get Purim in the spring. See you there.

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