Women React to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony in These Powerful Twitter Threads

Yesterday, millions of women watched Dr. Christine Blasey Ford share the vivid details of the night she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Ford politely answered questions about the alleged assault and calmly recounted her trauma and the lingering effects of that summer night in 1982. It was emotionally exhausting, to say the least.

Hearing the intimate details of what happened prompted women to share their own experiences with sexual violence. Some turned to the National Sexual Assault Hotline —The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) reported a 147% increase in calls Thursday night — and others took to Twitter to release their outrage.

Here are a few of the most cathartic, fiery threads written by women. If you’re feeling alone or hopeless, give them a read. (PSA: If you click on the tweet, you can read the full threads.)

Blogger Abby Honold shared how to help victims of sexual violence:

Jewish professor Chanda Prescod-Weinstein detailed her road to understanding feminism:


Listening to Kavanaugh vehemently deny the allegations reverted Abigail Disney back to when she was 6 years old, suffering under a roof with her “angry, alcoholic father”:

If you need a laugh, Bess Kalb’s thread satirizes Ford’s interrogation:

This lawyer compared Ford’s hearing to Anita Hill’s. In 1991, Hill testified against Judge Clarence Thomas, accusing him of sexual assault:

This thread is filled with horrific emails about Ford sent to a journalist covering the hearing. “Blasey Ford was a whore in highschool and in college…She was a slut who slept with a bunch of guys and thinks she has dirt on him,” one email read.


Lastly, not a thread, but a lovely illustration and reminder that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is the definition of the word “hero”:


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