11 Mezuzahs You’d Actually Want to Hang On Your Door

If you’ve spent some time in Jewish homes or institutions, you may have noticed a mezuzah or two. These small boxes are typically hung on the doorpost and contain a parchment scroll inside with some verses from the Torah. They’re also typically pretty basic looking.

But they don’t have to be! Plenty of pretty (and dare we say, hip) mezuzahs exist on the internet just waiting for you to buy them and make it known to the world that you are a cool Jewish lady. Here are some of my favorites below (most of which are pretty affordable, too):

Note: Not all of these cases are sold with the scroll inside. You can buy the scroll separately on Amazon.

Colorful Geometric Mezuzah (Etsy, $26)

colorful geometric pattern mezuzah

Colors! Triangles! Made of wood! Cute!

Llama Lo Mezuzah (Etsy,$22)

llama mezuzah

Llamas are very in right now. Why? I have no idea! Let’s just go with it!

Pink Floral Mezuzah (Etsy, $37.80)

pink floral mezuzah

Pretty flowers, leaves, and a hint of millennial pink. Done.

Wenge Wood Mezuzah (Jewish Museum Shop, $65)

wenge wood mezuzah

Simple. Classy. I dig.

Custom Themed Mezuzah (Etsy, $110)

Okay this Etsy shop makes custom mezuzahs based on ANY THEME YOU WANT. Examples include The Dude from Big Lebowski (pictured), Jerry Garcia, and a HOT DOG. All I’m saying is if someone wants to make me a Broad City mezuzah I would 100% let them.

“Design A” Acrylic Mezuzah (ModernTribe, $74)

purple sparkly mezuzah


Herringbone Mosaic Mezuzah (Etsy, $80)

Love this mix of textures and colors going on in these.

Bird Mezuzah (Etsy, $18)

bird mezuzah

Like the great Portlandia once said, when in doubt, put a bird on it.

Jonathan Adler Owl Mezuzah (William Ashley, $76)

jonathan adler owl mezuzah

Or just literally make it a bird.

Key Mezuzah (ModernTribe, $44)

The key to any good Jewish home (see what I did there???).

Kate Spade Oak Street Mezuzah (Bloomingdales, $40)

kate spade mezuzah

If you’re into designer brands, this Kate Spade mezuzah is chic AF and actually surprisingly cheap?!

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