12 Young People on Why They Probably (Absolutely) Will Vote

More than half of American adults plan to cast ballots in November, but only a third of people ages 18 to 29 say they will. Here, 12 young adults on why they aren’t those assholes and will definitely be voting in the midterms. (Note: Yes, this is a direct response to that article.)

Steph | Age 22 | Washington D.C. | Last voted: 2016

I will vote because my rights and the rights of millions of other young women are on the line. I will vote because as a Jewish woman, I am not safe while people can easily access guns. I will vote because it’s the easiest form of resistance I can partake in.

Elizabeth | Age 22 | Royal Oak, Michigan | Last voted: 2016

I am voting because I am determined to make a change. The 2016 election sucked but I know our country can do and be better. I won’t let a setback define us. I will vote because it’s one step in the right direction.

Emma | Age 19 | Richmond, Indiana | Last voted: Earlier in 2018

I DID vote because everyone’s voice is important. I DID vote because love is stronger than fear. I DID vote because it gave me a sense of purpose in such a scary time.

Hannah | Age 21 | Newton, Massachusetts | Last voted: 2017

I voted!! (And even paid the postage to mail it home from college.) I vote because the people who are elected and the questions on the ballot can and do affect my life and the lives of my family and friends. I vote because it’s my right and my responsibility. Also, if you choose not to vote, you can’t complain.

Susie | Age 21 | Texas | Last voted: 2016

I voted because I refuse to be complacent in what happens in our country. I want my voice to be heard and I want to be part the change that needs to happen in order to make our country a safe place for everyone.

Marisa | Age 21 | Boone, North Carolina | Last voted: Earlier in 2018

I have voted or tried to vote (one time I mailed in my absentee ballot too late) in every election since I was eligible because I believe in our democratic system even though it is broken. I vote because it is my civic duty and it also aligns with my Jewish values. In reference to current events, I do not know how anyone can sit by and not vote knowing that people’s rights are being stripped away slowly but surely as we speak.

Estee | Age 19 | Oregon | First Time Voter

Last week, I voted for the first time! As young people, we have the ability to use our voices to change and protect policies that directly affect us. Politicians are in a position to make decisions about higher education costs, gun control, the environment, foreign policy, LGBTQ+ issues, healthcare, etc. This is a critical point in our political history, if I have the opportunity to protect my rights and the rights of my friends, I will. Also, filling out the bubbles in your ballot are a super fun way to take a break from college coursework.

Mia | 22 | Baltimore, Maryland | Last voted: Earlier in 2018

I’m voting because I want to show my red district that blue voters are a powerful subgroup, and that our numbers grow every year. Voting is a hassle for me — I drive over an hour from college to go back home because Maryland only counts absentee ballots in extreme circumstances. But it’s also extremely important, and elections don’t happen all that often!

Rachel | Age 21 | Florida | Last voted: Earlier in 2018

I’m voting because I care about my future and the future of my fellow citizens. I will not stand by and do nothing while the same corrupt people continue to make this country great only for themselves. I’m voting for women, I’m voting for POC, I’m voting for LGBTQ+ people, I’m voting for families who have been torn apart by borders. I’m voting to make my voice heard and to uplift the voices of those who can’t.

Sonny | Age 20 | Cincinnati, Ohio | Last voted: 2016

I am voting because as a disabled trans Jew of recent immigrant descent, every day this country gets scarier. Voting isn’t going to fix everything, and honestly, it might not even fix anything, but it’s our job as citizens, our job as marginalized people to do everything we can to fight for what is right. We are under no obligation to finish the work, but neither are we free to abandon it.

Becca | Age 19 | Athens, Georgia | Last voted: Earlier in 2018

I voted because I can’t sit back and not have a voice. I voted because of those who fought for my right to vote. I voted because I want to see positive change.

Rachel | Age 20 | New York City | Last voted: 2016

I am voting because even the small elections matter. Because I will be proactive on my government even when I want to distance myself from it. I am voting to give myself a voice and others like me a voice if they are unable to vote. Because I will be selfish about who is in charge of our nation, from the local elections to presidential elections. I am voting because I’d rather be active than compliant, in every form.

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