18 Things to Know About Diana Silvers

The Jewish "Space Force" actress is a diehard Swiftie.

Diana Silvers is truly one of the brightest up-and-comers in Hollywood right now.

In her short career, the young actress has already spanned the spectrum of roles — from dramatic to comedic, TV to film and so on. But did you know she has Jewish heritage?

It’s true! So while we wait to see what Diana does next, let’s take a pause to learn more about her.

Here are 18 things to know about Diana Silvers.

1. Diana Silvers was born in LA to a non-Jewish Swiss mother and a father of Romanian Jewish descent.

2. She was an adorable child.

Just look for yourself:

3. Diana has five siblings!

Here’s a video of Diana with her younger sister as kids:

4. She got a young start in acting.

“My dad put me in a theater group camp at Santa Monica Playhouse when I was, like, six, and then I started to realize I really liked it when I was 11 or 12; it was nice to just escape,” she told WWD. “There is just nothing else I can even see myself doing but this. Like I found my thing!”

5. After high school Diana attended New York University, where she initially majored in acting before switching to history with a film minor, but she eventually dropped out.

6. Diana made her professional acting debut in an episode of the Hulu thriller series “Into the Dark.”

You can watch the trailer for her episode here:

7. In 2019 she starred in the psychological horror movie “Ma.”

Check out this spooky trailer:

8. According to Diana, she’s “like a 70-year-old man at heart.”

9. Diana was also in the movie “Booksmart,” playing the love interest for Kaitlyn Dever’s character.

No, we’re not going to show you the awkward sex scene between Hope (Diana) and Amy (Kaitlyn). Instead here’s the trailer:

10. Diana loves tennis and has played the sport from a young age.

“My dad is a big tennis player. When he was in medical school, in the summer he’d travel to Europe with his tennis buddies on tour and play doubles and singles with them,” Diana explained to Ralph Lauren Magazine. “When he had kids, he taught us how to play.”

11. Here she is with a Simon and Garfunkel album, just because!

12. Speaking of music, Diana is a “diehard Swiftie,” aka Taylor Swift fan.

13. During quarantine, Diana binged “High Fidelity,” starring our fave Zoë Kravitz.

Diana, we are also not OK that “High Fidelity” was canceled.

14. In addition to acting, Diana is also a model, as evidenced by cover shoots such as this:

15. Watch this video to learn, among other things, what Diana’s Austin Powers impression looks like:

16. Diana underwent ballet training for her role as Kate, a dancer, in the film “Birds of Paradise.”

17. Currently she’s starring in “Space Force” as Erin Naird, alongside fellow Jews Lisa Kudrow and Ben Schwartz! Here’s the trailer for season two, which drops February 18:

18. And, here are some behind-the-scenes photos from Space Force season two, courtesy of Diana:

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