18 Things to Know About Nick Kroll

The Jewish "Big Mouth" writer, performer and co-creator is a JDILF.

It’s no secret that Jews thrive in show business, and particularly in comedy. Nick Kroll is a prime example. In the mood for a laugh? He has you covered: He’s written and acted in numerous successful TV shows, movies and even a Broadway show.

But first, you should absolutely read up on his life and career!

Here are 18 things to know about Jewish comedian Nick Kroll.

1. Nick was born in Rye, New York to a Jewish family.

2. He has three siblings — Jeremy, Vanessa and Dana.

3. He grew up in a Conservative, kosher Jewish household.

4. Nick attended a “Jew-ish” summer camp.

“It was 90 percent Jews, but it wasn’t a Jewish camp,” he explained in an interview-conversation with Seth Rogen.

5. Nick had a bar mitzvah:

Extremely relatable.

6. Before high school, Nick attended The Lefell School (previously the Solomon Schechter School of Westchester), a Jewish day school.

7. He attended Georgetown University, where he was a member of the GU Improv Association (previously known as the Georgetown Players Improv Troupe.)

8. Outside of college, Nick got his start doing comedy at Upright Citizen’s Brigade.

9. Nick’s stand-up special “Thank You Very Cool” debuted on Comedy Central in 2011.

10. From 2013-2015 Nick had his own sketch comedy show on Comedy Central called “Kroll Show.”

Here’s one of his iconic sketches, featuring Jenny Slate:

Following “Kroll Show,” Nick Kroll and John Mulaney took their characters from the sketch “Oh, Hello” and turned them into a Broadway show, which then became a Netflix special:

All we have to say is: Gil & George 4ever, Liz & Liz 4ever.

11. Judaism has a “huge role” in Nick’s life.

“Judaism can play out in a number of ways: religious beliefs, desire for ritual, even the underlying rhythms of conversation,” he told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “That’s what makes Jewish history and culture so interesting. So I think for sure, my Judaism plays a huge role in my identity.

12. Nick’s childhood, and that of his friend Andrew Goldberg, serve as fodder for their show “Big Mouth.”

Here’s the trailer for season five:


13. According to Nick and Seth Rogen, this is how you have Jewish comedy success:

14. Nick’s favorite comedian and filmmaker is Mel Brooks!

My life is forever changed by him,” Nick said in this Instagram post promoting Mel’s new book:

15. Fame clearly hasn’t gone to Nick’s head:

16. If you want to get to know Nick Kroll, check out this Instagram carousel post:

We hope your therapist found this helpful, Nick.

17. Nick is married to landscape artist Lily Kwong, and they have a son!

All due respect Nick Kroll sir, but you are a JDILF.

18. Remember when we mentioned Mel Brooks? Well, now Nick is working with him!

Mazels, Nick!!!

Evelyn Frick

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