18 Things to Know About Your New Favorite Actress, Beanie Feldstein

Introducing Beanie Feldstein: summer camp lover, Ben Platt’s soulmate, nail art aficionado, the “next Bette Midler” according to Vogue, and all-around wonderful human being. But before we begin: Have you seen Lady Bird? Go see Lady Bird. Trust us. After you leave Lady Bird, and wonder, “Who was that amazing actress who played Julie??” open this article. And just to get it out of the way: Yes, she’s Jonah Hill’s little sister, and yes Jonah Hill’s last name is really Feldstein.

Here are 18 Things To Know about the talented and hilarious Beanie Feldstein:

1. Her real name is Elizabeth, but Beanie comes from her British nanny, who called her Elizabeanie. As she explains, “I have two older brothers, and they’re like, ‘Let’s just call her Beanie!’ ….And like, if you call a dog Spot but its name is Spike, it’s just gonna respond to Spot, so I just always responded to Beanie. Since I was like, two years old, it was just exclusively Beanie. And I think it was, as we say in Yiddish, bashert, which means “meant to be,” because it really fits me and I love it. I couldn’t be more thankful for it. I think it’s great.”

2. This has been a big year for her: She made her Broadway debut in the Bette Middler-led Hello, Dolly!

3. On that famous brother Jonah… Beanie thinks “he is the best and has the best taste.”

J- Bug & Beanie Panini

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4. And on her famous BFF Ben Platt, Tony award-winning star of Dear Evan Hansen, the Harry to Hermione, her twin, her soulmate, her once prom date…. she told the LA Times: “I think Ben is the best at what he does because he’s my best friend and I see him through these rose-colored glasses. But at the Tonys, there was this moment where everyone in this room of the best of the best was seeing him the way that I saw him. It was really emotional, everyone seeing the genius I’ve always seen.”

5. She’s really just enthusiastic about everything (same, Beanie, same). She is obsessed with Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig and has a note on her phone called “Things Greta Said Today.”

6. She is “the most into nail art.” Beanie told Racked, “the thing I spend the most money on is nail art” and told a Wesleyan paper that on her Instagram, she only follows puppy Instagrams and nail art. 💅💅💅

i’m in heaven brb

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7. She studied sociology at Wesleyan, and is very proud that she was a Tour Guide at the school. She never learned to walk backwards, though: “Oh, we don’t walk backwards because we’re a forward-thinking university. Every day during the tours, I was like, ‘I can’t believe I have to say this.’”

8. Her college essay was on sinus problems. And most of her tweets have exclamation points. Duh!!!!!

9. Her mom is your classic Jewish mom texter and apparently her voice sounds like Fran Descher.

She will celebrate Easter!!! #splash🐰

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10. At Hogwarts, Beanie would totally be a Ravenclaw

11. She met Khloe Kardashian in January 2013 and freaked out (“Love, Keanie”)

Klaker/ Klipper game!!! Thanks @khloekardashian! Love, Keanie

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12. Working with Melissa McCarthy is her *dream*: “On Lady Bird, Saorise and I were constantly quoting Bridesmaids lines back and forth. I have a pipe dream that we could play a young Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy in something.”

13. This is coincidentally also Jonah Hill’s dream. @Hollywood: please make a Melissa-Jonah-Beanie film. ASAP.

Jonah and I have a mutual deep obsession with @melissamccarthy!!! #nationalsiblingsday 👑

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14. She attended Stagedoor Manor summer camp (for theater kids) with Ben Platt

Such a (visible) joy to talk to the campers of Stagedoor Manor. Theatre Kids are the future.

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15. And if she wasn’t an actress, she would “own a summer camp, or run a summer camp if I didn’t own it…. I love camp. My parents met at camp, and both sets of my grandparents met at camp, so camp holds a deep place in my family’s heart. I went to camp for 10 years and it was the best. I’m such a summer camp person. I went to a more traditional campfire sports camp, and then I also went to a theater camp, so it was nice. I kind of got a little bit of both worlds, but I love camp and I think camp is so important and amazing. I would love to do that.”

16. Beanie, like all of us at Alma, is a big fan of Jewish memes:

17. Her alarm (since she got an iPhone) is ABBA’s “Take a Chance on Me” and she still loves the song.

take a chance on me

18. Oh, there’s just too much more stuff to love about her. Watch this video:

One last note: While doing research for this article, I found this Beanie tweet from January 2017 and I have never related to anything on the internet more:

We can’t wait for Beanie to be everywhere.


Top image by Merie Wallace, courtesy of A24

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