A Timeline of Emrata and Eric André’s Relationship

The pair we are dubbing "Emratandré" seemed to hard launch with a semi-nude Instagram photo.

Of all Jewish celebrities to ever be a couple, the award for most random pairing surely has to go to recent sweethearts Emily Ratajkowski and Eric André. Beyond the fact that they are both Jewish and have Jewish moms, Emrata and Erandré don’t have a ton in common.

Emrata is a statuesque model and mother who has written an entire book about her body, sexual empowerment and objectification. To be sure, Eric André is also very good-looking and very funny. But he’s also a comedian known for shaving his head and waxing his entire body for his show on Adult Swim, and getting so high during a concert that he missed a Tupac hologram and screamed, “I don’t deserve to live!”

But hey, opposites attract, I guess! After her fling with, and subsequent split, from Pete Davidson in 2022, Emrata quickly started seeing Eric. And, despite the fact that they haven’t been together long, things look like they could be getting serious!

So, question: are you ready to dive into everything we know about Emily Ratajkowski and Eric André’s relationship? The only acceptable answer is, of course, “Why would you say something so controversial, yet so brave?

Let’s go!


January 5th: Eric posts this photo of himself with some sheep to Instagram:


I know this is not the content you came for, so stay with me!! While Emrata has liked a few of Eric’s Instagram posts in the past, this photo of sheep marks a pattern wherein Emily starts liking every single one of Eric’s Instagram grid posts. While this is absolutely speculative, it seems like perhaps the pair start to talk around this date.

January 7th: Emily and Eric go out on what is, at least to our knowledge, their first date. As I wrote at the time, “the pair apparently dined together (for three hours!) at Japanese restaurant Sakagura in midtown Manhattan. (Who doesn’t love a post-Shabbat date?) Later, paparazzi even photographed Emrata and Eric arm-in-arm and all smiles!”

Neither Eric nor Emily commented publicly on the date.

January 24th: Eric and Emily solidify their situationship status by getting very cozy during a Cayman Islands vacation together!

Per Page Six, they vacation together at Palm Heights, a boutique hotel on the Seven Miles Beach in the Cayman Islands. Eyewitnesses told the tabloids that Emily and Eric were kissing, flirting, rubbing noses together, laughing, drinking cocktails and talking about past relationships. Dayenu!

However, a source told the tabloid that “it seemed like a fun friends-with-benefits situation” and “more ‘playful’ than ‘romantic.'”

February 8th: Eric and Emily attend the launch dinner for La Ligne Jean to kick off New York Fashion Week, arriving together in a limo. Also in attendance were Natasha Lyonne, Selma Blair, Dianna Agron, Chris Rock, AnnaSophia Robb and more.

Scroll through this Instagram carousel to see the not-dating but also not-not-dating pair together:

February 10th: Eric and Emily were all smiles in New York City’s West Village on their way to Via Carota, an Italian restaurant. Beforehand, Eric had arrived at Emrata’s apartment so they could walk together.

Photo by Gotham/GC Images via Getty Images

Tell me these two people are not dating! I mean, come on!

February 13th: The couple attend a New York Knicks basketball game together at Madison Square Garden.

In her Instagram story, Emrata posts a photo of Eric with musician Diplo and writes “Happy Valentine’s Day,” tagging them both. Could they be an official couple??

via @emrata on Instagram

Not until…

February 14th: The next morning, Eric seemed to hard launch (pun somewhat intended) their relationship by posting a semi-nude and very risqué photo of himself, taken by Emrata. Naturally, Jewish music producer Benny Blanco, who is friends with Eric, called out the comedian and captioned what everyone was thinking:

Indeed it is, Benny! Meanwhile, @oldjewishmen commented something no one was thinking, but is nonetheless very funny:

Eric captioned the post “Happy Valentine’s Day” with multiple heart emojis.


With clothes strewn about the floor and a wine bottle in the corner, the picture seems almost too good to be true — and, notably, Emrata is not tagged in it. However, she did like the post and multiple publications are now reporting that the relationship is official with no denial from either party… so, mazel tov!!

There you have it, folks! In Hey Alma’s last article on the couple, I wrote, “While we await further news, we’ll be deciding between Emratandré or É for their potential couple name.” For what it’s worth, I’ve decided on Emratandré. Long live Emratandré!

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