Ben Platt’s Back With a Super Catchy Hanukkah Song

Breaking Hanukkah news: Ben Platt has posted a new Hanukkah jingle. If you’ve had his Yom Kippur song (“think about your sins, think about your sins, think about your sins, don’t eat anything”) stuck in your head since September, we have the answer for you: his Hanukkah song.

Again with friend (and fellow actor) Molly Gordon, Platt posted the short song to his Instagram story.

There’s latkes in the Hanukkah bush / Scoop them with a ladle

Does Moses have a Hanukakh tush? Spin me like a dreidel. 

This is a bit more confusing than the Yom Kippur song, and not quite as catchy, but it hits on two key elements of Hanukkah: latkes and dreidels. We’re unsure why Moses’s tushy is included in the song (he’s much more of a Passover dude), but maybe they wanted to encourage people to learn more about Judaism in general. Honestly: Judah Maccabee (or our beloved Hanukkah heroine Judith!) would be a much better fit.

Regardless, we are grateful for this new tradition. Thanks, Ben and Molly!

Header image via Ben Platt on Instagram

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