The Best Jokes About Mark Zuckerberg’s Testimony

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress. In his testimony, he apologized and promised privacy reforms at Facebook. But the content is not important here. What is important is the fantastic reaction the internet had to his testimony. Let’s dive in:

1. Deer in Headlights

2. Amelie inspo

3. Humans like water!

4. All the robot jokes 🤖

5. UGH!

6. Grandparents vs. Facebook

7. Accurate depiction of the Winkelvoss twins

8. A realization journey

9. A bad haircut will haunt you forever

10. Too high quality

11. The jokes just set themselves up

12. Tom from MySpace! 

13. Tom from MySpace > Mark from Facebook.

14. The indecisiveness! 

15. Omg, and the booster seat

14. A little photoshop goes a long way

15. Points for the Pyscho reference

16. Ignore Zuckerberg for the moment, because cats

17. What alternate reality was this!?

18. The Real Facebook Experience

19. Grandparents on Facebook jokes never get old

20. Plus dorm room jokes

21. Somewhere…

22. Ready for the sequel

23. A combination you didn’t realize you needed

24. OK, more Social Network jokes…

25. Can you believe he legitimately sat on a booster seat AT A TESTIMONY!?

26. But is it a booster seat? 🤔  

27. Because, robot

28. Please, stop

29. Imagine your grandpa running a hearing on technology

30. Seriously

31. It is too late to be going home

32. Sign me up for this one!

33. What could possibly go wrong?

32. Okay, last one —

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