Cute Passover Stuff You Can Actually Afford

And a few splurges, too.

Here at Hey Alma, we have advice for celebrating Passover in just about every way imaginable. We have the basic guide and a guide for millennials. We have how-tos for queer seders, solo seders, virtual seders, sober seders, Persian Jewish seders, Mizrahi seder ettiquette and non-seder Passover traditions like Mimouna. We even have how to make your seder table cute. So now, it’s time to broach a topic that is both essential for holiday hosting and slightly uncomfortable for Jews.

Let’s talk about money.

Hosting holiday gatherings can get pricey. And regardless of what antisemitic stereotypes about Jews and money would have people believe, not everyone in the Jewish community has the disposable income to buy the most lavish food, tableware and ritual objects. (Or the disposable income to buy any of those things.) It’s a barrier to entry for low-income, working class and middle class Jews that frankly sucks! So, with that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of Passover saves — aka items that are on a budget and get the job done while still being fun and chic.

Plus, at the bottom I’ve included a couple Passover splurges if you’re in the market for one extravagant item.

Passover Saves

Seder Traditions Seder Plate – $12

This seder plate hits all the key points of a savings item. It’s durable, reasonably priced, easy to clean and practical. But how is this inexpensive seder plate different from all other inexpensive seder plates? You’re not sacrificing style for the lower price point! The navy blue and gold accents are refined and traditional.

Jamali Gold candlesticks – $14

Regardless of whether or not it’s Shabbat, no tablescape is complete without candlesticks. These are $7 apiece, simply elegant and made The Strategist’s list of best candle holders and candlesticks.

Kveller Haggadah – $11.66

There are so many modern haggadah and haggadah supplements, it can be a bit hard to discern which one to use. Obviously we’re biased, but we suggest the one from our partner site Kveller, titled “A Seder for Curious Kids (and their Grownups).” You can buy it as a paperback if you like to have something tangible to hold at the seder (make sure to order enough for all your guests to follow along) or if you’d prefer a digital copy, there’s a Kindle version, too! We also love the (free!) anti-racist Haggadah supplements from Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.

Set of 6 mini wine glasses – $20

Wine glasses are a key part of the Passover seder and these mini wine glasses are relatively affordable, chic, will ensure you don’t get zooted by the fourth cup and are recommended by New York Magazine. Plus, there are enough glasses in this set to have a small seder and set aside a cup or two for Elijah and Miriam.

Etsy Afikoman pouch – $18

We had to suggest at least one kitschy item!!

Passover Splurges

Frank Ceramics Seder plate – $360

Feed your inner child with your outer adult wallet and splurge on this whimsical seder plate!

Hayom x Esme Saccuccimorano Candleholders – $300

Esme Saccuccimorano’s unique clay creations are simply a site to behold. In the case of these candleholders, pomegranates — the ultimate sapphic Jewish symbol — definitely deserve a place at the seder table.

Vintage Chagall Haggadah – $450

Full disclosure, I don’t know the text of this haggadah. But, it’s vintage and deluxe and $450. So it’s definitely a splurge. And who doesn’t love Chagall?!

Susan Alexandra lotus wine glasses – $94 each

Susan Alexandra released these wine glasses last year as a part of her playful frog pond Passover collection. While the lily pad seder plate and crouching frog candlesticks are no longer in stock, you can still create Susan Alexandra’s magical Passover vibe with these lotus wine glasses.

Elijah’s Cup – $54

If you want to get fancy and get Elijah his own separate cup, might I suggest this one? Made of wood and colorful straws or reeds, it evokes Moses’ journey down the Nile in the Passover story.

Miriam’s Cup – $54

See note above!

Afikoman bag set – $88

Per The Jewish Museum’s website, “This matzah cover and afikomen bag set for Passover by Daphna Allen in 100% linen features beautiful embroidered Persian-inspired golden arches and turquoise accents. The Hebrew words for matzah and afikomen are at center in gold thread.” Oo la la!

Whether you’re saving or splurging this year, chag Pesach sameach! Happy Passover!

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