It’s officially Passover season (the first night is April 19 this year) which means it’s time for one of my favorite holiday traditions: shopping for cute stuff on the internet. From seder plates to matzah-themed everything, there is an abundance of Passover paraphernalia out there. Go forth and shop.

Graphic Tees

U Can’t Touch This Bagel (Etsy, $25)

When you can’t have bagels on the inside, wear them on the outside.

Afikosaurus (Etsy, $18.99)


The listing says it’s for men, but it’s obviously for everyone who loves dinosaurs — so, everyone.

Karpas Diem (Etsy, $20)

karpas diem

Get it? Do you get it?

Passover Cats (Amazon, $16.99)

passover cats

Look, does this t-shirt make sense? Not really. But there are cats in kippahs, so let’s go with it.


Matzah and Matzah Ball Soup Earrings (Etsy, $22)

matzah ball soup earrings

Squeeee look how tiny and cute!!

Matzah and Seder Plate Earrings (Etsy, $31.01)

matzah and seder plate earrings

Or you can opt for the seder plate variety, which, also: squeeeee.

Matzah Ball Soup Necklace (Etsy, $21.68)

matzah ball soup necklace

Matzah ball soup on a necklace, because why not?

Gefilte Fish Earrings (Etsy, $7.15)

gefilte fish earrings

If you don’t want to eat gefilte fish, the least you can do is wear them.

Seder Plates

Illustrated Seder Plate (Etsy, $36)

seder plate illustrated

Bright, inexpensive, and you can even personalize it with your name.

White Ceramic Seder Plate (Etsy, $168)

white ceramic seder plate

Minimalist and oh-so-elegant.

Melamine Garden Seder Plate (Amazon, $13.95)

melamine garden seder plate

Cute and simple, this one mostly made the list because it’s under $15.

Porcelain Pink and White Seder Plate (Etsy, $108.45)

pink and white seder plate

Whyyyyy is this so prettyyyyyy.

Matzah Everything

Matzah Skater Skirt (Etsy, $36)

matzah skater skirt

Hey look, it’s matzah on a skirt.

Matzah Scrunchie (Etsy, $10)

matzah scrunchie

Hey look, it’s matzah on a scrunchie.

Matzah Leggings (Etsy, $33)

matzah leggings

Hey look, it’s matzah on leggings.

Matzah Dress (Etsy, $60)

matzah dress

Hey look, it’s matzah on a dress.


Passover Plague Coasters (Etsy, $25)

passover plague coasters

All ready for your pinky-in-the-wine dips.

Passover Wine Labels (Etsy, $19.95)

passover wine labels

You’re gonna be going through a lot of wine — might as well spruce up those bottles.

Passover Garlands (Etsy, $24)

passover garlands

Some plagues and sparkles to welcome the holiday.

Matzah Napkins (Amazon, $10.99)

matzah napkins

Matzah already tastes like paper, anyway.

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