Forget Larry David: Cazzie David for SNL

Larry David kicks off a fantastic month of hosts on SNL this weekend. But, Lorne Michaels, hear us out: There’s a funnier David out there that should be cast on the show. She’s only 23, but we think she is more than ready for the challenge. She’s successfully survived being Larry David’s daughter, after all.

With her friend Elisa Kalani, Cazzie David created an original web series called “Eighty-Sixed.” Larry David told the View last month that she “wouldn’t like the term ‘the New Larry David.’” Because she’s her own thing, obviously.

Here are 10 reasons why Cazzie David should be cast on SNL next season:

1. The obvious: she’s very funny

For anyone who’s ever tried to anticipate a hook up #Ep8 @86ed_webseries

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2. Her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, is already a cast member. She’s super supportive of him—she called him “the sweetest person alive”—and there’s a history of SNL romances…. (Cazzie even said, “there are millions of couples that met at SNL.”)


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3. Her web series Eighty-Sixed was one season and one season only, so she’s totally free.

4. She relates to the millennial generation: from texting back your hook-up to stalking someone on Instagram, she just gets it (again: go watch Eighty-Sixed. You won’t regret it).

5. Her dad, Larry David, has prepped her for the entertainment industry. Cazzie told Glamour: “My dad told me at a super-young age that what I need to do to feel fulfilled and not sad and alone is to write comedy.”

larry david

6. Her name is practically a New York institution. She told Coveteur, “I was named after a basketball player on the Knicks [Cazzie Russell]. My dad is that much of a Knicks fan that he had to give me the craziest name ever.”

7. She accidentally became Insta-famous, so she will have loyal people tune in to the show: “I had 400 followers and was private, and someone I guess had randomly followed me and I posted this picture of me and my dad at a Civil War battlefield. Someone randomly posted it to another Instagram account, and a bigger site reposted it. I got like 20,000 follower requests overnight. I was so panicked because I didn’t know what I was doing. It was weird. But I just decided to go public. I was like, ‘I’ll take the followers and run.’”

He’s making us tour every civil war battlefield

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8. But now she’s practically an Insta-guru, explaining to Vanity Fair how to fix your Instagram, including not posting too many pictures of your pets.

9. SNL needs more women! There are only four female cast members in the 10-person cast, and two female featured players out of six.

10. She is not on Twitter, which will work to her advantage in the online-stalking of new cast members (see: all the Twitter-scandals of recent SNL hires).

Did we mention she’s really funny?

When u ft bae but only care ab what u look like

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