Ilana Glazer Fired Two Men Who Sexually Harassed Her

With social media still filling up with #MeToo moments, a campaign where women post about being sexually harassed and abused (which was started by a black woman 10 years ago, by the way), more celebrities are also going public with their stories.

Queen of the Jewish millennials and Broad City co-star and creator Ilana Glazer recently added her name to the list with an Instagram post chronicling her many experiences with sexual harassment. From teachers at school to “creepyass” doctors to people at her various places of employment, Glazer doesn’t hold back about her experiences being sexually harassed.

#metoo – big queenly thanks to @tracelysette & @violadavis posting this so i felt brave enough to!

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Sharing these experiences alone is powerful, but what really takes the cake is that fact that Glazer actually fired “a couple dudes” who worked for her, presumably on Broad City, for sexual harassment. She speaks of her decision to do so, imploring that “getting sexually harassed seems to be a constant, but having the opportunity to do something about it is rare.”


This speaks to a larger point, which is that the more women, queer, and non-binary people we have working in positions of power, the more we’ll be able to shift the workplace environment and establish no-tolerance policies for sexual harassment. Because it shouldn’t be a constant. It really, really should not.

Photo credit: Lane Savage

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