About Alma’s Guide to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Part of: Hey Alma’s Guide to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The goal of this guide is to provide an entryway into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for those who want to be more informed on the topic. Our aim was to make these articles as unbiased and factually-based as possible; our only agenda is to make a complicated issue easier to understand.

That being said, we are a Jewish website, and certain inherent biases may be at play. If you find something you believe to be factually incorrect in this guide or have any other comments (or compliments, we’ll take those too), we encourage you to reach out to us at israelguide@heyalma.com.

This guide was a group effort in every sense of the word, created by Team Alma and the larger 70 Faces Media staff. All header illustrations are by Hane Grace Yagel. A special thanks to Emily Burack for her work on this project.