The Male Models Wearing Stars of David in Cardi B’s ‘Bartier Cardi’ Music Video

Good morning. We’re here with breaking news. There are twin male models (at least we think they’re twins) in Cardi B’s “Bartier Cardi” music video wearing Stars of David necklaces. We have no idea why. We don’t know who they are. All we have is gifs.

Please, enjoy:

Cardi B

They first appear 35 seconds into the video, standing in a hallway FULL of male models nodding along to the first chorus. We’ve decided the one on the left is Twin #1 and the one on the right is Twin #2.

Cardi B

Twin #2 (or are they the same person!? Or two strangers who just look a lot alike? We have NO IDEA) gets to lip-sync to Cardi for like 0.1 seconds at 47 seconds into the music video. This is probably the peak of his career.

Cardi B

This is the longest time we spend with the twins (or one dude, please help us decide): almost two whole seconds, at 58 seconds into the video. They are staring into the camera, their Stars of David gleaming on their oiled chests. One (Twin #2, we think) seems more into it than the other (he’s nodding his head). The other (Twin #1) is giving us his best model gaze, but it seems more dead-eyes than smize.

Cardi B

Here the twins are standing at a party at 2:40 in the music video, while everyone around them dances. They stand silently. Are they servants? Does Cardi B have an army of male models wearing different necklaces of different faiths? Why is Twin #2 looking at Twin #1 but Twin #1 is looking away? Do they ever take their Stars of David necklaces off?

Cardi B

All the male models are kneeling around Cardi B. The twins are at the very end of the lines. They are both staring at her, whereas the other male models seem to be looking away.

Cardi B

And then! We get to zoom in on Twin #1 (we think it’s Twin #1, Twin #2 seems blonder, but we have legitimately zero clue). This video was definitely filmed by a woman (and we checked, it was: shoutout to Petra Collins) because it’s all about the #FEMALEGAZE. He’s still staring at Cardi B — in fear? in awe? in “oh my god thank you for this job”? — and this is the last we see of him.

Watch the full music video here:

Cardi B’s debut album, Invasion of Privacy, is released on April 6.

We’re ready to party with Cardi (and please, help us find the twins wearing the Stars of David).

UPDATE: Thanks to the wonder that is Jewish geography, an Instagram follower tipped us off to these mystery men (who are indeed twins)!!! Their names are Austin and Alec Proeh. According to our tipster, they were in ZBT at Indiana before moving to LA to pursue modeling and acting. And obviously they’ve made it.

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