‘Saturday Night Live’ Gives Us the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Rap We Didn’t Know We Needed

For a while now, Saturday Night Live has blessed us with Kate McKinnon’s impression of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. McKinnon has a deep roster of people she impersonates, but we’re biased: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is our favorite. She typically appears on “Weekend Update,” telling viewers “gins-burns” and how she is not going to die.

In this past Saturday’s episode, hosted by Steve Carrell, the McKinnon-RBG love was taken to the next level with a digital short featuring Pete Davidson and Chris Redd rapping about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

It starts with Pete and Chris talking: “You know there’s only like one lady holding the whole damn thing together, right? You think some broken ribs gonna keep her down? Hell nah.”

The chorus repeats “Live Ginsburg, and I ride for Ginsburg” (SAME) along with amazing shots of McKinnon-as-RBG staring into the camera.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Honestly this rap isn’t really humor, more just stating facts of Ginsburg’s life: She was born in ’33 in Brooklyn, graduated first in her class from law school, fought for women’s rights, worked for Presidents Carter and Clinton, the Supreme Court is a boys’ club, she has six movies about her (not including a forthcoming biopic), and is “still livin’.”

But no need for us to sum it up, just watch:

We just have one note, SNL: You forgot her love of scrunchies.

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