These 9 Items Prove That Hanukkah-Chic is Totally a Thing

Recently, an Alma reader came to me with a festive conundrum (and by “came to me” I mean emailed me because that is how these things work):

It’s holiday season. I live in Iowa (not very Jewish) and I work in an environment where I’m the only Jew. My co-workers are sweet and well-meaning, but in their minds “holiday” means “Christmas” and I spend a lot of my time from November to December surrounded by decorated trees and Santas and other Christmas decor. From a religious perspective, Hanukkah isn’t even that big of a holiday (when I think of “holidays” I think of fall), but I’d like to find a way to incorporate it into my cubical decor/work life. 

Have any of you done this? Any suggestions of how to keep your cubicle classy, while casually reminding folks that everyone doesn’t celebrate Xmas? Is Hanukkahchic a thing? 

Now look, I live in New York City — land of more Jews than Israel — and I’m the editor of Alma, which is part of a Jewish digital media company, so what I’m saying is this problem is not very applicable to me. Nobody decorates our cubicles in my office because we are curmudgeonly scrooges who wear all black throughout the year, and even though I have to pass Macy’s Christmas window display to get to my therapist’s office every week, I don’t feel as though Christmas is being shoved down my throat. But I recognize this is not the case in many other parts of the country, and I want to help.

Besides, finding something “Hanukkah-chic” sounds like my kind of challenge. Without further ado, here are the best, actually-pleasing-to-the-eye Hanukkah products that I could find on the internet. Have fun decorating your cubicle, apartment, or house (whatever that is).

1. Hanukkah Light Garland, $15.37

hanukkah light garland

Oooooh, pretty pretty lights.

2. Cactus Dreidel ($4)

cactus dreidel

A dreidel that doesn’t suc(culent). (Sorry.)

3. Jewish Christmas Candle ($29.95)

jewish christmas candle

It smells like buttered popcorn and a movie at the local theatre followed by an overindulgence of Chinese food with friends and family.

4. It’s Hanukkah Bitches Banner ($22.50)

it's hanukkah bitches

OK so maybe you can’t hang this one up at work. Or can you???

5. Hanukkah Candy Box ($12.99)

hanukkah candy box

This one’s genius because you fill it with candy and now everyone loves you ’cause you have candy.

6. Hanukkah Dog/Cat Instant Downloads ($1.99)

dog cat hanukkah posters

With just a click of a button, you can download these bad boys and print them out and OMG, best cubicle ever.

7. Oy to the World Cross Stitch Hoop ($13.99)

oy to the world

Sassy yet sophisticated, just like you.

8. I Love You a Latke Mug ($18+)

i love you a latke mug

Fill it with applesauce and dip your latkes right in.

9. Hanukkah Confetti ($5)

hanukkah confetti

Confetti! Sparkles! Done and done.

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