Twitter’s Best Jokes About Mike Bloomberg Dropping Out

He'll always have American Samoa.

Presidential candidate, billionaire Mike Bloomberg, has dropped out. (Guess his meme campaign failed!) Bloomberg suspended his campaign after a weak showing on Super Tuesday; he only won 12 delegates — six of them from American Samoa. Bloomberg has since endorsed Biden.

To reiterate, Bloomberg spent half a billion dollars to only win American Samoa, a U.S. colony (yes, the U.S. still has colonies; yes, it’s fucked up; yes, there are a lot of fucked up things about the U.S. and this is just one of many).

The world may feel like a shitshow right now, but at least we have jokes. Naturally, Twitter delivered:

1. Right down the toilet:

2. Truly hilarious.

3. American Samoa loves villains, who knew!?

4. Truly, we would’ve taken the $500 million right off your hands…

5. Half. A. Billion. Dollars.

6. We could’ve had 12 Knives Outs!!!

7. Except my disappointment is spending money on a stale bagel, not an entire election.

8. Bloomberg reporting on Bloomberg:

9. We’ll never forget this fun fact, tbh.

10. Always? Always.

11. These jokes remain funny (and sad):

12. I mean…

13. He bought a Super Bowl commercial, people!!

14. K, pivoting from American Samoa jokes to… Bloomberg is scared of Elizabeth Warren jokes:


16. Yes to all the Uncut Gems jokes:

17. We all have our quirks!

18. In summation:

Header Image by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images. 

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