Two Nice Jewish Boys Got Engaged at a Troye Sivan Concert

Some really happy news for your Wednesday morning: At the Troye Sivan concert in New York City last night, two gay Jews got engaged. Troye, who was born to a Jewish family in South Africa and grew up in an Orthodox community in Australia, helped the proposal happen at Radio City Music Hall.

There’s a video below, but we thought we would give you the play-by-play.

Troye, first, brings up a guy named Judah. Judah is wearing a kippah and a vest. Troye says to Judah, “I just wanted to get you up here to say hi, and thank you for all the love and support.” He then pauses, and Troye asks, “Is there anything else you wanna say or anything?”

Judah says, “My boyfriend, Daniel, is here.” (The crowd cheers.)

Troye asks, “Should we get Daniel up here as well? Which one is Daniel?” Troye spots Daniel, and excitedly says, “OMG, he’s also wearing a little kippah on his head! A Nice Jewish Boy!!”

Let’s just pause for a second and acknowledge that Troye Sivan is a fan of Nice Jewish Boys. (Same, Troye.) Daniel comes up on stage and hugs Troye. Daniel, like Judah, is also wearing a kippah (as Troye has already pointed out).

Troye says, “I would love to tell you that this was all just a happy accident.” He then turns to Judah and says, “Do you have something to say?” (The crowd is screaming at this point; they know what’s coming.)

Judah: “It’s just one question, really.”

Troye takes the mic away, and you see Judah and Daniel holding hands, and Judah reaching into his vest, and dropping down one knee, and proposing. They hug, and the crowd freaks out.

Troye shouts, “MAZEL TOV!”

Troye ends, “Have an awesome night you guys, mazel tov, mazel tov, give it up for Daniel and Judah, everyone! Yes!”

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