Viral Instagrammer ‘Crazy Jewish Mom’ Shares All the Anti-Semitic Hate She Gets

If you’re familiar with the Instagram account “CrazyJewishMom,” it’s probably because you’ve seen some of their classic mother-daughter text screencaps and either thought “THIS IS SO MY MOM” or “THANK GOD THIS IS NOT MY MOM.” Kate Friedman Siegel started the account as a way to poke fun of some of the ridiculous texts she gets from her over-the-top Jewish mother, and it’s since taken off into a crazy Jewish empire, complete with a book and everything.

And so it is usually with laughter that one responds to a post from CrazyJewishMom, but not today. Instead, the account posted a rare “real talk” look into the incessant, disgusting anti-Semitic hate that it receives on a regular basis, from getting tagged in Hitler-friendly memes (I can’t believe that’s a category of memes) to direct messages referencing gas chambers and killing all Jews to being added to a direct message thread labeled “The Klan.” Yeah.

You can scroll through the post to see multiple examples of straight up abuse. In the caption, Kate talks about why she decided to share these horrifying images now, stating, “With this post, I just want to share a small slice of what my Mother and I have been receiving (in especially high volume) since January 20th 2017 because we are proudly and publicly Jewish.”

She adds, “I’m still coming to terms with what happened in #Charlottesville, and I don’t want to make the horror of what transpired there about us personally, or us as Jewish people.”

She does highlight one silver lining: “For every hateful comment left on a post, there are ten supportive ones coming to our defense and standing up to intolerance.”

But still, it’s 2017, and this is not OK. This has never been OK. WTF, world?

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