You Can Eat Hot Dogs for Breakfast & Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

Hello and welcome to my personal favorite holiday, National Hot Dog Day. Sure, I didn’t know this holiday existed until I checked Twitter this morning, but that’s beside the point. As a girl from Chicago, my love for hot dogs runs through my veins like neon green relish (is that a weird thing to say?). Case in point: I recently got drunk at a house party and convinced myself what I absolutely needed to do was order a Chicago hot dog t-shirt from Etsy, which showed up at my office a few days later. All I have to say is NO REGRETS.


I’ve eaten hot dogs for lunch, hot dogs for dinner, and hot dogs for second lunch and second dinner, but one thing I’d never really done before was eat hot dogs for breakfast. That is, until I decided to Google “hot dog breakfast sandwich” a couple months ago and lo and behold, found this: The Ultimate Breakfast Hot Dog from Frugal Momeh. My path was clear.

Together with my fellow hot dog-loving colleague Lior, we made a date for a hot dog brunch. Off to the grocery store we went to stock up on the necessities:

hot dog brunch ingredients

And then we got to work. This was actually kind of a complicated, multi-step recipe and it may have taken us several hours to complete. At one point, it’s possible we were toasting the buns in the oven and forgot about them until the fire alarm went off and Lior’s dog started freaking out and there was a lot of laughing and panic.

We also went one step beyond and decided to make a side dish of cocktail frankies wrapped in crescent roll dough because we are all for a balanced breakfast:

cocktail frankies

All the hard work paid off big time when we had our finished product: hot dogs topped with fried eggs, crispy bacon (yeah, not kosher…), hash browns, and chopped tomatoes. We took one bite and let out a collective “dayuuuuum” because yes, breakfast hot dogs are delicious and there’s no two ways about it.

So happy National Hot Dog day, everyone. There’s no wrong time to eat a hot dog.

hot dog brunch


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