Your Favorite Shoes of the Late ‘90s/Early ’00s

Important news recently made the rounds: Steve Madden is relaunching its classic “slinky” platform sandal. If you existed in the ’90s or early aughts, you probably owned these puppies. If you didn’t, everybody you knew did and you were just really ahead of bucking the trends.

It’s a time to rejoice, yes, and also a time to celebrate all the wonderful shoes that came out of this ever-fashionable era. From hippie sandals to platform sneakers and beyond, join us, won’t you?

1. Steve Madden White Platform Sneaker

steve madden white platform sneakers

Yes, you will definitely sprain your ankle, but it’s OK they’re SO KEWT.

2. Jellies!!!


Luckily these bad boys have made a comeback too, so you can remember what it’s like to have super cute, super sweaty feet.

3. Doc Marten Sandals

doc marten sandals

Chunky, buckle-y, and perfect for every outfit. Just perfect.

4. Adidas sandals

addidas sandals

If you showed up to summer camp without these than I don’t know what you were thinking.

5. Shoox


A little birdie from Jersey told me that you couldn’t make it out of junior high alive without these chunkers. I can see why.

6. Sketchers


SKETCHERS! Sketchers. Yes to all the Sketchers.

7. Anything from dELiA*s

delias catalog

Do you think their 1-800 phone number still works?

8. Rocket Dog Platform Flip Flops

rocket dog

For that casual four-inches-taller-than-you-are look.

9. Birkenstocks


Turn up the Dave Matthews Band and rock out with your ‘stocks out.

10. Heelys


I mean they’re sneakers with wheels. Not really sure what else you’d ask for in a shoe.

11. Etnies


Anyone who went through a pop punk phase knows what’s up.

12. Volatiles


Some stupid boys may have made fun of you by saying the V stood for virgin but WHATEVER THESE ARE GREAT.

OK what did I miss? And can we all just start wearing these again, pretty please?

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