18 Things to Know About Idan Amedi, AKA Sagi in ‘Fauda’

The star of Fauda may be Lior Raz, but the star of our hearts is Idan Amedi, the very attractive Israeli actor who plays Sagi. After googling to learn about Idan and not finding much out there, we have decided to give you 18 things to know about this talented actor.

And for those of you who googled “hot guy from Fauda” and ended up here, welcome. You’re in the right place.

1. Idan was born in Pisgat Ze’ev, a settlement in East Jerusalem, Israel in February, 1988.

2. He grew up training in taekwondo and Thai boxing. In 2005, he came in second in a national taekwondo championship.

3. He started dating Miriam Binyaminov in 2008; they married in May 2018. They are very cute:

4. In December 2019, they welcomed a daughter. Announcing her birth, he wrote on Instagram, “So, as you’ve already heard from foreign publications, in this auspicious time our little chick was born on Friday. It’s important to me to thank everyone for their congratulations and love. We’ve received in the past few days thousands of messages, calls, and gifts and we don’t take that for granted. So a huge thank you. And thank you to the good God on all the free gifts. There are no words to describe this miracle.”

5. During his military service in the Israeli Defense Forces, he served in the Combat Engineering Corps in the Patrol Department.

6. After service, he auditioned for the Isareli version of American Idol — called כוכב נולד, which roughly translates to Star is Bornwith an original song he wrote, called “כאב של לוחמים.” That translates to “Warrior’s Pain.” (He made it on the show and came in second place.)

Here’s the audition:


7. Idan’s song “Warrior’s Pain” won song of the year in the 2011 Galgalatz song competition (the IDF’s radio station, the most popular radio station in Israel). The same year, Israeli soldiers voted it their favorite song by a soldier, in a competition run in tandem with celebrations for Israel’s 70th anniversary.

8. Idan has released four albums: Idan Amedi (2011), Lately (2013), Wanted to Be (2015), and Part of the Time (Helek Me’hazman) (2017). He is set to release an untitled fifth album in 2020.

9. Here are two new singles: “I Want” and “Age of Standing.” Yes, his voice is very good and so is his face:

10. He joined Fauda season two as Sagi, a new addition to the unit.

fauda sagi
Cast of Fauda (via Netflix)

11. Here’s a song he recorded for Fauda with Lior Raz doing the opening:

12. He has two very cute dogs:

And very importantly, he puts them in birthday hats:


13. Idan celebrates the Jewish holidays. He uses an oil menorah for Hanukkah:

And burns bread ahead of Passover:

14. Did we mentioned he has a very good face? (Twitter agrees!)

15. He sings to his daughter every day, and she loves this song:

16. He helped coordinate a proposal for a Fauda stunt double, Keri Hassan, on set. She thought she was filming a scene where she is kidnapped — but as Lior Raz and Doron Ben-David pull the blindfold off her, Keri’s boyfriend gets down on one knee and Idan starts playing the guitar. (Her boyfriend also works on the show, as a cameraman.) The video is very cute:

17. His music video “Part of the Time” has 23 million views:

18. Let’s end on some thirst traps, shall we? We know why you’re here.

Many thanks to Grace Yagel for help with Hebrew translations. Header image via @Idan_Amedi.

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