18 Things to Know About Jewish Comedian Sandy Honig

The "Three Busy Debras" writer and actress was once a cover model for a JCC summer camp pamphlet.

Sandy Honig, a Jewish comedian, writer and actress, came up in the New York alt-comedy scene and is now breaking through with content on Adult Swim and HBO Max. To give you a sense of what her comedy is about, an apt comparison is with fellow Jewish comedian Sarah Sherman aka Sarah Squirm.

But if you are unfamiliar with Sandy and her hilarious work, we need to remedy that right now. Because, mark our words, everyone will know of Sandy in a few years.

So, without further ado, here are 18 things to know about Sandy Honig.

1. Sandy was born in the early ’90s to a Jewish family.

2. Sandy’s brother is director Jake Honig! Here they are as kids:

BONUS: In his own words, Jake was a “bar mitzvah king.” Just look:

3. Her maternal grandmother was actress Ruth Gilbert.


4. Sandy was once the cover model for a pamphlet about JCC summer camps.

A true legend.

5. Sandy graduated from New York University with a BFA in Photo and Imaging.

6. She first got into comedy through doing improv jams and comedy shows at theaters in New York around 2014.

7. Not only is Sandy a comedian, but she’s also a photographer! She’s photographed some pretty spectacular and hilarious Jewish comedians like:

Hannah Einbinder:

Sarah Squirm:

Chloe Fineman:


The talent!!

8. The first publication that ever gave Sandy a platform for her photography was Tavi Gevinson‘s Rookie Mag. You can check out her author archive here.

9. In 2019, Sandy was a host of the show “VICE LIVE.”

In one of the segments, she got to help write her own obituary. Fun!

OK the line, “As a Jew, I’d love to be killed by money” is perfect satire.

10. Sandy “loves being Jewish,” because it means getting emails like this:


11. One of her photography projects is called “SandyStock” where she makes oddly specific stock photos:

We’re simply obsessed.

12. You just have to see this photo of her and a very Jewish vanity license plate:

13. Sandy was a writer for season five of “The Eric Andre Show.”

Here’s the first episode of the hilarious show:


We need more Sandy Honig + Eric Andre creative collabs stat.

14. Sandy has a cat named Pepper who is PERFECT:

15. Sandy is currently starring in “Three Busy Debras” on Adult Swim, which is now in its second season. You can watch a clip from the show below:

16. Wondering how “Three Busy Debras” came about? Sandy and her two co-stars, Mitra Jouhari and Alyssa Stonoha, have the answer!

“The first time we all got to hang out, we went and did an improv jam,” Stonoha said in an interview. “We did a scene, and we all accidentally named each other Debra. So we talked about how busy we were, which was inspired by the fact that we couldn’t find time to hang out together.”

Sandy added, “It took weeks for us to actually find a time to hang out, and then when we went on stage, we left it all on the stage.”

17. Here’s one of the first videos the three busy Debras filmed together, before they got their show:

18. Sandy is set to feature in the upcoming film “The Young Wife.”

According to IMDb, the movie “follows a young woman grappling with the meaning of love and commitment, follow her over her non wedding day.

There’s currently no release date scheduled, but we can’t wait to see it!!

Evelyn Frick

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