Bernie Sanders Yells a Lot. The Jews of Twitter Remind Us Why.

No matter your feelings on Bernie Sanders, he is, without a doubt, a Brooklyn Jew. And, as a Brooklyn Jew, he speaks at a LOUD VOLUME with a heavy accent. This was very clear at CNN’s Democratic primary debate last night, and many people on Twitter seemed to be annoyed that, while laying out his proposed policies and trading barbs with the other candidates, the Vermont senator was, indeed, yelling.

In response to the critique of Bernie’s volume/tone/voice, many Jews took to Twitter to say, uh, have you met an elderly Ashkenazi Jewish person before? Because yeah, they shout. A lot. We rounded up the best tweets about the volume of Bernie’s Jewish voice.

1. “We are out of mustard.”

2.  The horror!


4. This is JUST how we TALK!


6. “A sweet lullaby”

7. Clearly.

8. “Love and lox to you.”

9. TBH, it is just how old Jews speak.

10. “While eschewing an inside voice” is our new favorite way to say “yell.”

11. A Jewish person is speaking loudly!

12. It’s just a cultural thing.

13. “He is the Larry David anima.”

14. “He is a feeling.”

15. We can hear him saying this:

16. And a bonus tweet, not about yelling, but just too good not to share:


Image of Bernie in header by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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