The Best Jokes About Paul Ryan Being Jewish

Paul Ryan recently discovered he is Jewish. 3% Jewish, to be exact. Which is dumb.

Jewish Twitter agrees.

1. Summer Camp Trolling

2. Welcome to Brooklyn, Paul Ryan

3. It adds up… 


5. Honestly, we see it

6. Seinfeld references for the win

7. Same thing, right?

8. Please.

9. Todah rabah!!! 

10. A good reaction:

11. LOL

12. Haven’t we?!

13. Bonus points if it’s matzah ball soup

14. It’s what he deserves.

15. But we really don’t want him.

16. Just imagine his reaction…

17. Seriously. 

18. L’chelltotheno is our new favorite phrase

19. A curse upon his challah

20. But to end on a serious note:


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