The Funniest Tweets About Duolingo’s New Yiddish Course

It seems the entirety of Ashkenazi Jewish Twitter is brushing up on the mama loshen.

A new Yiddish course launched on Duolingo, the popular language-learning app, on Tuesday, April 6. On cue, it seems the entirety of Ashkenazi Jewish Twitter started brushing up on the mama loshen, and tweeting through the experience. The results? Some very funny jokes about learning Yiddish on an app.

Here are some of our favorite tweets:

1. Zebras are relevant to everyday conversation, nu?

2. Duolingo, are you my Jewish grandma?

3. It’s a #BreakTheInternet moment, for sure.

4. “Wine for Mom” is the exact vibe of the moment.

5. Yes, there is actually a category for “complain” :’)

6. Okay, but for real, why does Duolingo love bears!?

7. We miss you, Spock.

8. The struggle is real.

9. *Screams*

10. You don’t have a beloved tomato?

11. Bringing this exact energy.

12. Once again, did my Grandma program these sentences?!


14. Yes, Jews crashed Duolingo.

15. Brb see you when I’m fluent.

16. Okay, for all the jokes, we are thankful!


18. And let’s end on a genuine note: Mazel tov to everyone who is starting their Yiddish journey. We’re cheering you on!

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