The Funniest Tweets About First Jewish Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff

Kamala Harris made history, and her Jewish husband Doug Emhoff is icing on the cake.

Obviously, it was a big weekend. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were declared the winners of the United State’s 2020 presidential election. The election of Harris, in particular, was monumental: She will be the first female Vice President, the first Black woman to hold the office, and the first woman of South Asian descent to hold the office. To put it simply: Kamala Harris made history.

And a small footnote on her history is that her husband, Doug Emhoff, will be the first-ever “Second Gentleman” after a long line of 45 “Second Ladies.” Bonus? He becomes the first-ever Jewish second gentleman and the first-ever Jewish spouse of a President or Vice President. As we are a Jewish culture site, this is big news for us. And it was big news for Jews all across the country.

Twitter, of course, had plenty of fun celebrating this news. So please enjoy this round-up of our favorite tweets about the first Jewish Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff:

1. Finally, a role model!


3. A Jew will replace Karen Pence:

4. We need this, now:

5. Wife guys FTW:

6. Seriously, Doug LOVES Kamala:

7. This perfect exchange, imitating Doug’s mom, Barbara:

8. Paving the way for future Jewish first gentlemen:

9. “The stained glass ceiling”:

10. May we suggest an inaugural hora?

11. Jewish men marrying impressive women, amen.

12. Love 2 marry up:

13. We mean… he’s not wrong…

14. Absolutely (s/o also to Jon Ossoff, we see you):

15. We’ll sign.

16. Honestly, same:

17. Doug’s Jewish mom, Barbara Emhoff, must be kvelling:

18. All our parents are kvelling, tbh:

19. A real win for Jewish husbands as well:

20. Still, he could’ve been a doctor…

21. Barbara is about to be insufferable at mah jongg, and we’re so happy for her:

22. Maybe First Gentleman one day???

23.  Let’s end on a genuine note, shall we?

Bonus #1: Here are Doug’s parents.

Bonus #2: Kamala’s imitation of Barbara is perfect.

Bonus #3: Doug’s daughter, Ella, is cooler than all of us.

Doug Emhoff, we hope we get invited to the 2021 White House Hanukkah party.

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