The Funniest Tweets About the Jerry Seinfeld Kith Campaign

What's the deal with his outfit?

On September 6, streetwear brand Kith launched its Fall 2022 campaign, with Jewish comedian Jerry Seinfeld as its face. In response, Twitter blew up. Unsurprisingly, the opinions were mixed: some people pined after Jerry and others reminded us of when the comedy star dated a 17-year-old while he was 38. Regardless of the take, however, one thing remained consistent: everyone was making jokes about Jerry Seinfeld wearing Kith.

Here are some of our favorite tweets:

1. The truth hurts, Jerry.

2. Hey, at least he’s not covered in plastic.

3. Shhh… he’s gotta focus. He’s shifting into Kith mode.

4. Speaking of Summer of George — that looks more like Winter of George to us!

5. Our deepest apologies.

6. Jerry Seinfeld is the new Nate Jacobs.

7. Justice for the puffy shirt!!

8. Eric Adams x Jerry Seinfeld x Kith collab when?

9a. Steve Buscemi could never: part one.

9b. Steve Buscemi could never: part two.

10. OK, but I would actually watch that though.

11. Alternatively…

12. ILSYM Timmy.

13. Go Mets!

14. OK, but what brands would Elaine and Kramer model for?

15. Jerry looks pretty, pretty, pretty… not good.

16. Get medical help right away for a Jerry Seinfeld wearing Kith that lasts for more than four hours.

17. *Insert the Seinfeld bass line*

18. Daddy Seinfeld has a terrible ring to it.

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