Twitter is Very Ready for a Jewish-Themed Met Gala

The 2018 Met Gala theme, structured around the exhibit, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” had celebrities wearing very Catholic looks. Rihanna went as the Pope, Katy Perry as an angel, Olivia Munn was inspired by the Crusades (yikes!), and there were many, many crosses and halo headpieces.

We wondered what Jewish celebrities would wear to the Catholic-themed gala, but Jewish Twitter decided to spin this into a different hypothetical: What if there was a Judaism-themed Met Gala?

We rounded up the best jokes…

1. What would the equivalent be?

2. Rihanna as the Torah?

Don’t worry, we photoshopped this, just for you:


3. Neurotic Bodies: Fashion and the Jewish Imagination

4. … Or just comedy writers

5. Beaded yarmulkes!

6. Judith with a head on a platter is an AESTHETIC

7. Jewish guilt, but make it fashion

8. Jewish paranoia, but make it fashion

9. We’re asking! 

10. “I’m Jewish” 

11. Same

12. A Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

13. Shtetl-themed-gala

14. Disheveled Jewish leftist fashion

15. “A mom asking if you’re really gonna wear that” 


17. Seems pretty obvious…

18. Heidi Klum as a seder plate

19. Bar/bat mitzvah dresses you can finally wear again!

20. Transparent pink tallit…?!

21. Just Michael Chabon

22. Everyone should’ve gone as Jewish stars.

23. “Earthy Bodies”

24. Going full Noah’s Arc.

25. Go as the plagues, or a bagel.

27. Theme idea:

28. Yentl

29. Will the theme be shtetl, ever?

30. Repurpose that bat mitzvah dress! 

31. Summer camp bracelets, duh

32. Please!!!!

33. We would like a bagel clutch, thank you very much

34. But is anyone who went Jewish?

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