Twitter’s Best Jokes About Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is a democratic candidate running for president. Because, who isn’t a democratic candidate running for president at this point? Williamson, a New Age self-help guru, is Jewish, which is why you’re reading about her here on Alma.

But more than that, her performance at night two of the democratic debates was really something.

As The Cut wrote, “Marianne Williamson stood silently, presumably meditating and growing ever more powerful, until around the 45-minute mark, at which point she began sporadically pontificating about the nature of love, peace, and healing in a dulcet, husky tone.”

Now, who becomes our next president is obviously an incredibly important matter, and we need to acknowledge that Williamson isn’t just a cute, wacky lady — she holds some incredibly dangerous views, including anti-vaccination conspiracy theories.

But when politics feel so grim, sometimes we need to bask in some comic relief. Twitter had a day joking about her during the debate. So are you ready for the best tweets about Marianne Williamson? Let’s do it.

1. This is who she is:

2. A real-live shawl:

3. This energy, yep:

4. “A lone origami crane”

5. Can she stay?

6. LOL

7. She is a spectacular witch!

8. She’d definitely call in to Dr. Crane’s show: 

9. Literal Live Laugh Love candle!!

10. Chaotic groovy vibes

11. Why is she so into New Zealand!? 

12. Is it because of GOOP??

13. Wouldn’t be surprised!

14. For sure.

15. “Wellness Weirdo Experience”

16. Obviously.

17. It’s out of our control now…

18. We needed this.

19. Hey, we’ll take it.

20. This is how it’s going to go down:

21. Not not gonna happen.

22. Mazel tov to our first Jewish president.

Image of Marianne by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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