Twitter’s Best Jokes About That Terrible ‘Jewish Men Use Me as a Rebellion’ Essay

Last week, the Washington Post published an op-ed entitled, “I am tired of being a Jewish man’s rebellion,” where the author explains she is done dating Jewish men. We’ll spare you the rest of the essay that critiqued Jewish moms and made an idiotic joke about bacon (read if you wish), but we’re here with the best jokes about the essay.

1. The Jewish mothers always win

2. Suspicious timing

3. Truly terrible timing

4. Ah, yes the Jewish media

5. Carrie Bradshaw-esque

6. A simpler time

7. Just go to Christian Mingle

8. Some food for thought

9. Pharaoh gets it 

10. Default: blame the Jews

11. WASP tears

12. Why publish it in the Jewish media??

13. Did we go back in time?

14. Prince of Egypt memes


16. White nationalists get new pick-up lines

17. Hey Siri?

18. Drake memes, of course

19. The tiniest fiddler

20. Blame the Elders

21. Christmas tree-scented vagina

But all joking aside, as Sophie Ellman-Golan points out, the essay was super problematic.

Not okay, Washington Post.

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