Snapchat Actually Labeled New York City ‘Jewtropolis’ & Twitter Went Nuts

For nearly four hours Thursday morning, New York City was renamed “Jewtropolis” on Snapchat’s Snap Map.

After Twitter users flagged the glitch and brought it to Snapchat’s attention, the app’s third party mapping service, Mapbox, fixed the error and released a statement.

“This is now 100 percent fixed and should have never happened. It’s disgusting,” Mapbox CEO and founder Eric Gundersen told TechCrunch. “We’re constantly scanning for this, and it’s an error on our part.”

Over 420 million people around the world use apps supported by Mapbox, which means that the glitch also appeared on Citibike, Jump Bike, and StreetEasy maps.

While some were horrified by the anti-Semitic vandalism, Jewish Twitter concluded that the hacker could’ve done better.

“Big time missed opportunity here,” one Twitter user wrote. “Surely Jew York is the move.”

“I’d have gone with ‘Jew York City’ if I was a witty anti-Semite hacker,” Twitter user Juniper Rose quipped.

One Twitter user concluded that the reason behind choosing “Jewtropolis” over “Jew York City” is that there’s a “fine line between clever and stupid.”

“This is ridiculous,” Jewish journalist Sam Sokol tweeted. “Everyone knows the proper anti-Semitic appellation is ‘Jew York City!’ Nomenclature matters people!”

Twitter user Morgan Siegel also chimed in to say it’s actually “Jew York City,” not “Jewtropolis.”

Clearly, the vandalist is not a copy writer.

Arielle Kaplan

Arielle Kaplan (she/her) makes content for horny Jews. Brooklyn based, she co-hosts Oral History, a podcast on seductresses from Cleopatra to Jessica Rabbit, and moonlights as a sex influencer as Whoregasmic on Instagram. Find her bylines on Salty Magazine, Kveller, The Nosher, and JTA.

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