Something Tells Us This Nick Kroll Stand-Up Special Will Be Very Jewish

In "Little Big Boy," the comedian gets vulnerable and urges us to be nicer to our moms.

After the success of Nick Kroll’s “Big Mouth,” its spinoff show “Human Resources,” “The Oh, Hello Show” with John Mulaney and his most recent project, getting kissed on the mouth by Harry Styles, it can be hard to remember that Kroll started out as a stand-up comic. (His first stand-up special “Thank You Very Cool” aired in 2011.)

But here’s a reminder: The Jewish comedian’s debut Netflix special “Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy” will be released on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, September 27!

In perhaps the most Jewish move ever, the teaser trailer begins with Nick talking about his mom.

“Why am I still mean to my mom?” Nick begins, setting up the punch line, “My mom could be like, ‘I’m forwarding you an article on the LA Art Deco movement. And I’m like, ‘WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT, MOM?!'”

See it for yourself:

Per Netflix, Nick will also get vulnerable with the audience, discussing topics like heartbreak and becoming a father (read: JDILF).

While we’d watch anything that Nick Kroll does, if “Little Big Boy” even has half as many Jewish jokes as there are in essentially every season ofBig Mouth,” we’ll be happy!

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