The Funniest Tweets About Israel’s Failed Moon Landing

Israel was all set to be the fourth country to ever land on the moon. An unmanned spacecraft named Beresheet (the Hebrew name for “Genesis”) was scheduled to land on the moon a little after 3 p.m. EST today, April 11.

Well, they got close, but didn’t quite make it — it crash landed. Twitter had a good time, anyway:

1. I mean, true.

2. First to crash!

3. Not too soon!

4. LOL

5. Yahud is where the SpaceIL control room was located…

6. Oh no, this is just sad

7. It’s me, going out

8. Niche Israeli election joke!

9. Good luck next time!

10. Space nazis!? 

11. Slightly…

12. Watch where you’re going!!

13. Toy Story sums it up…

14. Stay positive, people: 

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