The Only Good Thing Left on Twitter: Jokes About ‘Russian Doll’

Everyone is abuzz about the new Natasha Lyonne show Russian Doll. Which makes us happy, because the show is very, very Jewish.

People on Twitter seem to be especially excited about the dark comedy, so we decided to round-up our favorite Russian Doll tweets for those equally obsessed.

1. Suspiciously too good…

2. We are here for how Natasha pronounces “cockroach.”


3. We love a Beanie Feldstein crossover:

4. “Flame-haired Fran Lebowitz” is how we’ll be referring to Natasha Lyonne from here on out, thank you very much.

5. ALL 👏 IN 👏

6. Of course there are Spongebob memes:

7. Put the sound on for this one:

8. A good takeaway:


10. We also need to know!!

11. A deeply original pick-up line!

12. “The Good Hair Show.”

13. On the note of her hair:

14. Incredible.

15. *To the tune of Lesley Gore*

16. Adult birthday parties on a SUNDAY NIGHT!?

17. “And I should be allowed to do that.” (SOUND ON)

18. Natasha Lyonne saying things!!

19. Alllll the cockroach tweets:

19. Two tweets in sum, for those who haven’t watched:

In conclusion, go watch Russian Doll (again).

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