Passover can be a lot. How do you plan a seder? What about a queer seder? How do you explain the story of Passover? Can you do it with gifs? Who are the feminist heroes of the story? Why don’t we listen to “Miriam’s Song” by Debbie Friedman year-round? Do people have #feelings about the holiday? What’s the best song in A Prince of Egypt? What kitschy Passover items should you purchase? Is A Rugrats Passover even accurate!? We’re here to help!

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🤔🍽️HOW-TOs 🍽️🤔

⇒ How to host your own Passover seder
⇒  8 ways to incorporate weed into your seder
⇒ How to host a queer seder

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⇒ WATCH: the story in gifs:

⇒ A millennial’s guide to the Passover seder
⇒ Why are Christian Passover seders a thing?
⇒ The badass biblical women of Passover
⇒ Passover story as told through gifs

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⇒ My only passover tradition: not having one
⇒ Passover seder without a Jewish mother

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😇😄FOR LOLs 😇😄

⇒ Why is Debbie Friedman’s ‘Miriam’s Song’ such a banger?
⇒ 8 pop culture haggadahs we need
⇒ Fact-checking A Rugrats Passover
⇒ All the songs from The Prince of Egypt, ranked
⇒ WATCH: Would you rather, Passover plagues edition:

⇒ Passover x Game of Thrones:

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🥣😋 FOOD 🥣😋

⇒ See literally all the recipes here

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passover gifts

⇒ Everything you need for passover (and some stuff you don’t)

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Happy Passover!