Cory Booker Started a Jewish Group at Yale Law!?

Ahead of another round of Democratic debates, CNN published an article entailing “20 things you didn’t know about the Democratic candidates.” And guess what? Cory Booker’s fun fact is surprisingly Jewish!  

According to CNN, though he identifies as a Baptist, Booker was the co-president of L’Chaim Jewish Group at Oxford University and co-founded a Jewish group while at Yale law. 

While Booker first connected with L’Chaim through another friend, his close friendship with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (often referred to as the “rabbi to the stars”) paved the way to Booker’s leadership role in the organization.

Tablet tells us that Booker’s connection to the Jewish community continued into law school, where he founded the Jewish society Shabtai with Hasidic rabbi Shmully Hecht.

Rebecca Buck, a Jewish CNN reporter covering the Booker campaign, recently shared a gem of a throwback video of what looks like Booker celebrating Purim at Oxford:

For more Jewish facts about Cory booker, check out JTA’s article here. Meanwhile, if you’re wondering what the Jewish presidential candidates’ fun facts were, Bernie Sanders was the co-captain of his high school’s cross country team, and Marianne Williamson officiated Elizabeth Taylor’s marriage to her seventh husband, because of course.

Image of Cory Booker (Sean Rayford/Getty Images) 

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